Star Wars Saga Campaign

Episode 3- Endeavors in Subterfuge

The group started off in the maintenance tunnels below Hub 3 of Wallas Space Station, with an unconscious Voz Crea recruit as prisoner. They sought out an found a maintenance junction room and set with plans to interrogate him about their knowledge and dealings with the Diplomat Ralgador. 

As they began to set up for their work the prisoner awakened, and began to threaten them. Telling them they, "Didn't know who they were messing with!" and that, "His comrades would come to find him". The group especially Nara was intrigued by his forthrightness and began to pry further with questioning.

He appeared to catch on that an interrogation had begun and promptly began to pucker up. He then tried to covertly give away their position. Galen and Crystalina were quick to pick up on the fact that he was communicating with his allies through his comm-link built into his armor he was still wearing…

The group frantically tried to hash out what to do next- knowing the Voz Crea were likely on the way. They debated a suggestion from Nara to set a trap with a dummy and frag gernade to suprise their foes, but then decided to gather more information. Galen accessed the Space stations cameras through a nearby computer terminal- and found a Voz Crea squad in route to their position.

So they knocked out their prisoner once more and wheeled him through the access tunnel toward the central hub- heading toward the cantina in Hub 1. They noticed a light and figures moving about 75 meters up ahead, but were un-phased. As they moved closer they could make out a large Gamorean guard at partially ajar double doors. He halted them as they came near stating, "This area off limits- Maintenance Union personnel only." His name tag and uniform showed he was at least in appearance a member of the Walas Landing Maintenance Union.

With a mercenary squad close on their tails the group had little time to spare, so Crystalina used the force and a quick swipe of her hand to change his mind. He happily agreed that they were allowed in.

As they entered they could see a make shift camp and storage area with several more Gamoreans lead by a pencil necked Doros. They were interrogating what the group gathered to be a weak sounding Titto Timmons huddled in a tent. But as they look behind them they could see 3 Voz Crea coming down a access ladder 100 meters down the tunnel behind them.

The group pressed on quickly, no time for chit chat! They made their way to the Cantina, secured a room- and brought their prisoner in the backdoor. After securing the prisoner, they began to heal and rest from the last battle. Nara sensed an opprotunity to go shopping.

She made her way to the market district, and found a droid shop named Mechanical Allies. There she was able to procure a shiny new custom B2 battle droid. As she debated a means to disguise the illegal battle droid she spotted the same Voz Crea squad scouting out the area. She quickly made her way out the back door, found some canvas to crudely disguise her new droid and evaded her persuers through a service alley.

The group eventually was all rested healed and back at their room in the cantina. Nara and Galen devised their method for interogation of their prisoner- and set to it. Seeing that the prisoner was a recruit, in a weakened and soiled state- they decide to take a soft route in interrogation. After a little effort they gained the prisoners trust and were able to flip him as a double agent. He was given instructions to report back to Nara when possible.

As they debated how to reintegrate the double agent back into the Voz Crea, knowing he maybe executed for his failed mission on his return- Galen decided to gather more information from a nearby terminal. He successfully hacked the Wallas Security system. He found files that showed they were persons of interest from their last battle, and that the local security in working with the Voz Crea. He also found that Ralgadoor is in the same boat as them. He decided to change their descriptions in the security system to throw them off the groups trail..

As he hammered away on the keyboard he did not hear several armor individuals walk up behind him. He turned to see the 3 Voz Crea standing behind him. Luckily he had had his pit droid remove all his paint to disguise himself- and it was just enough to not be identified. But it mattered little as the squad appeared to already be aware of the groups room.

A close quarters battle quickly errupted. Galen alerted the group to the assault and killed the lights to their area just as fighting kicked off. Nara's battle droid proved to be worth his weight in gold as he dished out punishing, effective blaster fire. Crystalina joined the frey tumbling past one of the Voz Crea blocking the door and into the hallway. She force pushed two of them back 25 meters, slamming them into the doors at the end of the hallway and knocking them prone. 

Fairly quickly the Voz Crea started to toss frag grenades, dealing significant but not life threatening damage to the group. Everyone in the group got in on the action- even the unarmed Galen and his pit droid contributed damage. The battle never truly got out of hand, and the group quickly dispatched the outmatched Voz Crea squad.

They removed the heart of one of the human corpses and gave it to their flipped prisoner with a back story for his return to the Voz Crea- then disposed of the body in a trash chute- earning some darkside points in the process.

This is where we leave off.


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