Star Wars Saga Campaign

Episode 4- Moving On Up

The group started off after their recent battle, in which they quite effectively destroyed a Voz Crea mercenary squad. Correctly deducing that either space station security forces or more Voz Crea were on the way they decide to move quickly. Nara smartly relocates the group to a nearby empty room; using her recently acquired data pad/computer spike to gain entry. Galen heads out to the Cantina bar area in an attempt to gather information about Diplomat Ralgadors whereabouts.

He roams the bar, and ease drops on conversations. With all the battles and commotion on the space station recently- loose drunk talk was easy to come by. He overhears two low lives drunken banter. One mentions having passed up valuable information and regrets it, now that the Voz Crea are having their plans to take Ralgador disrupted. Twi-lek Mentakka has been trying to sell information, and had some knowledge of Ralgadors recent mission to Dardalez Prime.

Galen chats the two up; one is a obese unkempt Basalisk, and the other a shady human looking grifter. They seem amicable to offer up information for a lowly 50cr. He gives Galen details on the whereabouts of the Twi-lek female (Usually at the Cantina or in an alley next to her apartment in the commons). During his time there he overhears some Cantina patrons going off- something about security has them rattled. With that information in hand he returns to the group.

They decide that due to Roger's (B2 battle droid) less than incognito appearance the group should split up with Galen and Nara attempting to make their way to The Commons to follow up their lead on Mentakka- while Crystalina and the Roger remain in the room. As Nara and Galen exit the room they quickly notice security forces setting up check points- and bravely try their luck/skill at making their way past. Their confidence bolstered by digital scrolling text sign that incorrectly describes the group (thanks to their recent hacking efforts), and maybe a little high on the recent victory in battle..

They decide to make their way to the left of the two security check points being set up, and in line Galen notices the Transdoshan security captain he has encountered before. Knowing that there is a good chance to be recognized he decides to call attention to a nearby nervous looking woman heading away from the checkpoint. Security responds and interrogates the woman, but she quickly talks her way out of the ordeal.

As Galen makes his way through the checkpoint he is spotted by the captain and attempts to talk his way out of it. He fumbles his deception check and is taken prisoner (though the restraining bolt they place on him does not work on heuristic droids)- he plays along. Nara is next in line, and seeing her ally taken into custody alarms her.

She quickly tries to distract the guards also by pointing out a nearby person- but one who fits the description of the terrorists security is looking for. Two security guards begin to interrogate the individual, but Nara's subterfuge efforts are also fruitless. She soon feels a rifle pressed against her back. Again it is the Transdoshan security captain. As he takes her into custody he tells her, "You've been chatting quite a bit with your droid friend over there- you really should use encrypted comms.."

Back at the room Roger senses three bipedal beings in heavy armor approaching, and he and Crystalina exit their room. Their squad leader calls out,  "Stop! She fits the description.” Crystalina replies “Eat a dick!” multiple times. All three guards open fire, but miss badly. Roger turns and kills 2 of 3 guards. The third yells into comm “We need backup! They've got automatic weapons!”  As Crystalina and Roger exit the heavily damaged hallway into the corridor, they see the two Security check points outside the Cantina.

The Transdoshan Captain calls out, “We have your comrades. Drop your weapons and surrender!” Crystalina and Roger have no intentions of surrender and start tossing frag grenades killing security forces and civilians by the half dozen. Seeing that they are in a cross fire and have a heavy cannon behind a barricade pointed at them they smartly seek out the maintenance access tunnels.

As they descend they are hotly pursued by the captain and the remaining squad leader from the Cantina. After a quick exchange of fire, low on hit points the two flee- eluding their foes. Nara and Galen are escorted the the security command center comm room. 

Once there they are met over video conference by Elite Proprietor Zix Wheems, a grasshopper looking Verpine in gaudy robes and background setting. He implores his prisoners that he has use for them, but they must convince their friends to surrender. Which the two do, and turn themselves into a security checkpoint in Hub 1.

After the group is assembled in security HQ, Zix re-introduces himself as the sole owner/operator/commander of the Wallas Landing Space Station. He informs them that he has allowed the party some latitude to evaluate our strengths. Zix wants them off the station. He then hints that he Ralgador is a powerful enough diplomat that he does not interfere with his affairs. 

Zix says he has a problem: The Maintenance Union is on strike and has been for months. The station is falling into disrepair. He wants the group to find a way to eliminate the leader of the Union. He informs them that they will be rewarded 5000cr and a transport space craft if they can accomplish this task. He also tells them the Voz Crea will give the party a wide berth. Any hostile actions toward them will nullify a cease fire. He also warns them, “If you double cross me, you will not leave this station alive- I promise you!”  The group accepts his proposal and is set free.

Afterwards they go shopping, with Nara having negotiated 2000cr upfront for each party member. She also contacts her agent in the Voz Crea and meets with him. He tells her the Voz Crea are reeling from their recent defeats. He overheard a third squad was defeated trying to apprehend Ralgador at his suite in the Prima Air Suites housing area.

This is where we leave off..








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