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Episode 5- Down With the Sickness

The group started off having recently resupplied at Hub 4 (Commerce District) of Wallas Landing Space station. They decide to make their way toward the Commons housing sector of Hub1 to ascertain information from the information broker/grifter Mintaka. They make their way to The Core and take the passenger elevator down to the first level- The Commons.

The glass window of the elevator reveals 200 meters more of housing and facilities below them that compromise 2 other housing sectors (Prima Air Suites and Emory Abode), and the command and control sections of the space station. Outside is a expansive view of space and the Roche Asteroid Belt, with ships coming and going to the station.

Upon their arrival the group tries to determine the best means to locate Mintaka, and Roger B2 battle droid uses his enhanced sensor package to percieve the surrounding area. He picks up on what sounds like a Twilek female and gambling activities behind the closest housing to their left. As they approach they spot two Rodian guards in an alley way- apparently unarmed.

The guards see the approaching group, and one of them tells the party, “private event, no admittance” . The group inquires about gambling, and the guards tell them it's a 300cr fee to play- to, "Keep out the riff raff.. If you can't afford that, you don't need to play here." Galen quickly agrees to pay the measly fee, and move the group towards their goal.

They move past the guards and into a well traveled alleyway leading into a dilapidated court yard that has been set up as a semi-permanent casino. They notice a Twilek female atop a dry fountain in the center hosting a game of Sabacc. Being the only Female Twilek in the area, Galen attempts to get her attention asking, "Are you Mistress Mintaka?" She laughs in his face at the title, and tells him, "Mistress, I haven't heard that before! I'm running a game here."

Crystalina and Nara decide to join in on the game of chance and take their seat around the fountain. They ante up the 50cr buy in and play a hand. They lose badly the first round; seeing a Ewok rake in the pot. The second round of play Crystalina has a strong hand but loses again to the Ewok with a ridiculously improbable hand. The third round goes down the same with both players losing their 50cr, but Galen notices the dealer using sleight of hand to deal a hot deck- and records it.

During a shuffle Nara asks to talk to Mentaka in private. Nara mentions needing info and being willing to pay. Mentaka calls an extended break and agrees to meet. Mentkka asks how Nara and Crys learned about her, and they quickly reply that she has information brokers all around the station. She replies, "Good help is hard to find.." 

Nara asks Mentaka about the expedition she was set to be on. Mentaka agrees to tell them all about it for 4000cr- information is her business after all. Nara persuades her to elaborate on the quality of the information. Mentaka was at the classified briefing prior the the expedition launch to map out a new space lane past the Hutt bloackade, and knows about the return de-brief. She says she knows, “all about Dardalez Prime, the coalition, and Ralgador". Nara and Crystalina use the knowledge about her cheating to persuade down for a lower info cost- Galen, after all, has video.

Minaka reluctantly agrees to their terms and starts by saying she, "Never intended to go on the expedition, but signed up to get into the briefing. Forged documents, background, and a cover story. She shadowed Ralgador when he returned, eves dropping on a conversation. She learned that they had mapped a space lane – got around Hutt blockade. And that when they jumped to get back, the jump erred and they ended up in unknown territory and mapped a new region they named Dardalez Prime. The fleet came under attack in this new region and jumped back – limping – to Walas Landing".

Nara and Crystalina continue to pry for information from Mintaka, and find out Nara's brother Ruke is a lieutenant in the Voz Crea with a new squad and mission, the Maintenance Union is isolated in the service areas of the space station, and that she has may or may not have been monitoring the group.

Finally they hire Mintaka to break into the Aramist Medical Facility and steal a surgical kit and chemical/biological agents for Galen- at the price of 5000cr, 2500 up front. Getting ready to leave Nara suggest a blood pact with Mintaka, but she suggests something just as intimate- Nara and Crystalina decline- and depart awkwardly. After exiting the area Nara contacts her Voz Crea agent Fred to look out for info about her brother Ruke.

Worried about a handshake from Mentaka, Nara has Galen medically exam her hand for any abnormalities. He is 99.8% sure she is fine. The group moves on to find Ralgador at his suit in the PrimaAir Housing area in the core. They pass some angsty looking space station security forces on their way there, and Crystalina crop dusts them with flatulents..

The group heads to the elevator, and goes down to third housing level. They hack the space station security system and find Ralgadors suite number. Upon arrival they realize they need an access code on elevator door to gain entry to the area.

They buzz for Ralgador, who answers. The droids match his voice to their brief encounter at Aramist Medical Facility. As the group approaches his suites they see visual indicators of the Voz Crea (VC) attack- blaster burn marks and blood trails all around the entry way. They video conference with the Gorith (Tall, yellow, lengthy, bird/beak headed) diplomat and gain entry to his luxurious suite by verifying Naras credentials.  

Inside the suite, Ralgador is welcoming. He tells the group the VC showed up shortly after he returned. He mentions his security turrets did their jobs. Ralgador says the expedition sucessfully mapped a new space lane around the Hutt blockade, but had some problems after. The Hutts picked up on the fleet on the edges of the Outer Rim. They hastily attempted hyperjump, and landed the fleet in an unknown region.

Galen and Pip inquire about more details of the jump. They think Ralgador's heavily damaged ship would have coordinates of the initial bad jump. Ralgador doesn't know how the Hutt forces found them. The expedition surveyed the region and about a dozen planets – unitl they were approached by object at high speed. It slowed at the last moment, and did not respond to hails. Without warning, it attacked escort vessels. Ralgador's ship might be the only one that returned. This next hastily plotted jump resulted in more damage. Ralgador's mechanic Olos Nnah is repairing his ship in the space doc (hub 1).

Crystalina asks about tracking devices on Ralgador's ship. He responds that, "They had not thought to look", and thanks her for the idea. He notes in his recanting that one of the planets that they named Imirial had an interesting feature. A site that one of his team noted had a strong distrubance in the force- Ralgador conveys that he also felt a darkness and fear about the site.

The group learns that Orgas Din, Crystalinas master went on an expedition to investigate the odd location. The transport that went to the planet returned with a single droid pilot and loads of blood. One type of blood matched Orgas, and the other was of unknown origin. There were also some objects that came back with the transport.

Sadly Ralgador admits he carried the artifacts on his person on his way back to his suite upon his arrival at the space port, and was robbed. He describes his attackers as a Gamorrhean and black-skinned human (Tito?). These men took the artifacts and this incident landed Ralgador in Aramist medical facility.

Ralgador asks if the group can help him get back his artifacts back. He offers them assistance in the form of – a human named Crev Vanis. Crev is Ralgadors's highly trusted security chief. Introductions are made all around as Crev joins the party. Crev is a scarred, rugged, strong, and middle-aged- he appears to have some experience under his belt.

Galen asks for Pip to get security clearance to his ship. Ralgador hands over a security access card to the droid. He tells them, “Contact Olos Nnah, my pilot, before you access my ship”. Pip holds the security card.

With that they depart Ralgadors home and decide to pursue their mission to take out the Maintenance Union Leader they know is in the service area of the space station. They head back to hub 1 and go under 'ground'. As they approach the make shift camp area where the maintenance union was set up before they see the door ajar, and faint flickering light coming from within.

The scoundrel Crev decides to scout out the large circular room on his own, ahead of the party. He sees carnage, mangled, decaying bodies with dried blood all around. As he scouts out the area he hears something coming down the hallway in the corridor leading to hub 3, but does bot notify the party. He takes cover next to what he thinks is a dead body- but is actually the still alive, ill Duros maintenance union leader.

As he is searching the Duros, he is shocked to see a disfigured, scaly, bulging eyed, figure in a purple suite attempting to attack him. The hideous creature misses Crev with his gnarled claws. But bites into him soon after with his jagged teeth. Crev immediately feels some sort of infectious agent course through his veins. The rest of the group begins rushing to his aid from the hub 1 corridor.

They make their way piece meal toward the encounter. During this time Crev is knocked unconscious by the monstrous humanoid.  Cystalina is the first to come to his aid, and charges in, then agilely tumbles to strike her foe with a Jedi Battle Strike. She inflicts massive damage on the hideous creature; nearly splitting him in two- but he does not fall. After a few moments, the wounded Duros Leader transforms into a mangled creature at starts to attack the group.

Nara quickly joins the fray along with Roger B2 battle droid. They inflict damage of their own and heal up Crev who regains consciousness- with solid tactical maneuvering. The two ghoulish foes are blasted and slashed to death. But one more emerges from hub 3 and is quickly sensed and dispatched as well. Galen moving slowly due to his heavy armor, inspects most of the dead bodies in the room for signs of life and gear.

After combat the group hears some movement in a nearby air vent; they boldly move in to inspect. Crystalina force moves the vent cover off, and Roger and Nara move in to inspect. Inside they find a small Duros child. He is terrified for his life, and recants the happenings of the slaughter before weeping for his dead father. They contact space station command and have the boy removed, before moving on.

The group proceeds to attempt to cure Crev and searches the area for valuables. They find random gear and weapons on the dead bodies and a safe. As they attempt to search it, Crevs sickness worsens. He disables the security mechanism- setting off a trap in the process. He is now however severely ill. Galens treatment efforts seem futile, and they decide to transport him to Aramist Medical for advanced medical services.

They facility request 5000cr for his treatment- due to the complicated equipment and expertise required to develop a cure for his bacterial infection. Galen gladly pays, but the cure is a one time expense. Aramist has proprietary claim to the bacteria and the cure.

The group concludes by selling all the scavenged gear, distributing credits, and checking in with Galen's droid inspecting Ralgador's Century Hawk. The ship is completely intact other than the irreparable hyperdrive.

This is where we leave off..







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