Star Wars Saga Campaign

Episode 6- Pathogens and Plots

The group starts off in the market district of Hub 4 of Wallas Landing Space Station having recently done some trading. They casually decided to utilize the unique skill set of their new group member the Human Scoundrel Crev- to upgrade the physical capabilities of Roger B2 battle droid. Soon afterward they notice scrolling text around the space station video monitors with reports of a deadly and uncontrolled pathogen making its way around the space station- security is warning everyone report any severe illnesses, set a curfew, and is maintaining checkpoints.

Crev having recently been cured of the infection that turns those afflicted into ghoulish monsters- asks Medical Droid Galen to determine if he is immune. The disease is not common, and Galen is unsure- but decides to do more research at the earliest possible convenience. They then reevaluate their list of priorities and decide to follow up on the maintenance unions second in command. With no leads on his exact whereabouts they decide to make their way back the the maintenance area of the core where the previous ghoul slaughter had taken place.

As they cautiously make their way into the now decaying room filled with corpses they can overhear loud industrial sounds coming from the one direction away from the room they have not explored- nearby. Most of the group decides to stack and burn the bodies while the others stand guard. Eventually the noises nearby can clearly be interpreted as some sort of manufacturing and the group moves in to investigate.

They open the unlocked door (no lock) and it zips open to reveal a 30 meter by 30 meter room with a pair of large blast doors on the other end- and a small gun port about human height. They send in the pit droid pip to knock, and ready their weapons. A few seconds after knocking the gun port opens quickly and a male on the other side yells out, "Go away, we're locked down. Maintenance Union personnel only!" They search the area for cameras, air vents, or a terminal- but none are to be found. 

Undeterred Galen decides to covertly fashion himself a human costume from the head/skin of on of the female human corpse they were about to set aflame. He returns quickly and attempts to dupe the guards asking for help in a horribly performed display. The guard is mortified by the bloody skin wearing droid before him muttering, "What the fuck…?" The gun port shuts again before the group hears from the other side, "Check this out.." And another set of eyes appears on the other side-then it closes again. Jedi Crystalina seeing this is going nowhere attempts to intervene a little too late and quite unconvincingly running in yelling, "Help us, there's monsters out here!" The door remains closed.

Crev seeing the very unimpressive debacle his new teammates are performing tells Galen to loose the skin mask and get his shit together. While all this is going on everyone into group except Roger fails to notice a couple of ghoulish Jawa's creeping up on their position. Galen is first to act: He misses his shot with his heavy blaster pistol and sends his pit droid Pip in to run cover for the humanoids in the group (knowing these Jawas are likely infected with the plague). They quickly realize that having two droids fight Jawas with ion weapons was a bad idea- as delicate Pip is dropped in a shot, and Roger takes heavy damage.

The rest of the group charges in to take out the hideous creatures! Crystalina moves in and attempts to force push one of the Jawas but he is stouter than expected and stands strong. Nara approaches firing her blaster- wounding one of the creatures. It charges Crystalina, but misses badly. The Jawa in the rear near a door quickly takes off down the maintenance tunnels, and the other is dispatched by automatic blaster fire from Roger. 

The group decides to hunker down in the area and make repairs to their droids. Several hours later they notice a Cerean in a fancy engineer uniform and three junky looking battle droids emerge from the double doors. They appear armed and ready, but not hostile. As they approach Crystalina tells him of the infected and the Jawas they just encountered, the Cerean seems un-phased. He introduces himself as Crix Tosh and says that they are aware of the plague and have been locked down because of it.

Nara makes her way into the conversation and explains they are looking for the Union Leader and that they found him dead. Crix is very aware of this and solemnly notes that it gave him an instant promotion. Nara persuades him that they need to talk in private. He admits them entry, but wants the droids to stay outside. The group agrees as long as they can lock the entry way door and they can have help repairing their droids. Crix agrees and sends several droids to setup a lock on the door, and repair the droids.

Inside the group is disarmed and led through the foundry foyer past several well armed Gamorean guards. Inside they see an industrious foundry operation, in which they quickly deduce this is some sort of droid assembly line. A couple dozen workers and engineers are working diligently at blast furnaces, cranes, and piles of droid scraps and raw materials. They are led into a small office in the center of the operation. Crix enters with Nara and Crystalina, his droids waiting outside with Crev and Crystalina. 

Inside he quickly gets to business asking, "Why have you come to my operation?" Nara explains that, "We were sent by Zix Weems to restore the maintenance of the space station". Crix replies, “I had feared so." and sarcastically asks, "What does the Elite LORD Proprietor Weems want!?”

Nara explains that he want to negotiate a restoration of union operations to keep the space station operational. Crix laughs this off bitterly. He tells the group that Zix does not want to restore anything, he has been trying to oust them since he recently bought the space station. He explains that Zix is a member of the Verpine race that inhabits the surrounding Roche Asteroid field- he has been doing everything possible to pressure the Union to leave. But most of the Union has been here for generations and refuses to be pressured into leaving their home. They know he wants to replace them with the Verpine hive workers. They have chosen to stay and resist his facist pressure at all costs.  

He also notes that Zix has been rumored to be running human trafficking operations off the station- either as slaves or research specimens. When pressed by Nara he cannot produce evidence, but says that the, "The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.." Crix Tosh asks Nara how working for Zix has been. Nara says no problems yet. Nara deceives Crix by saying Zix is paying each of the group 10,000 (actually 5000cr) credits to restore Union functions on the station.

Crix offers a lucrative reward of 12000cr and a permanent place for the group on the station if the group can perform a task for him. The Union plans to forcibly take over the space station.  He states, "Operations aren't yet complete, and we (the Union) need a few key things. He wants the group to infiltrate the Core stronghold and temporarily bring down Zix's holonet- this will bring down defenses. Or he says they can bring down station reactor (which may also kill holonet)."

Nara attempts to weave a web asking for money upfront without fully committing to the tasks at hand, and suggests a ruse. The maintenance union could pretend to bring up the stations functions for a time..? Crix says all his resources are maxed out, especially with the recent death of so many of his people at the hands of the ghouls. Crix offers 2500cr up front, but no more. Crev and Crystalina negotiate for a droid and Crix agrees to spare one- but the cost will be deducted from their pay.. Nara also inquires about a ship saying Zix was going to provide one to them. Crix laughs this off as a fools wage- suggesting he was never going to give them a ship..

After negotiations are settled the group decides to follow up on their contact Mentaka for further information. She appears to be out and unreachable- probably performing work for the group. They then search the data pad from the recently deceased Jawa ghoul- only to find loads of Jawa porn and Space Angry Birds video games.. They then spend some of their new acquired creds on upgrades and equipment.

After departing the merchant district once more, they over hear screams and see a nearby security checkpoint being overrun by ghoulish humanoids! Civilians run from the site, screaming for help. The group for a second or two contemplates leaving the task of countering the ghoul threat to space station security- before coming to their senses and engaging the menace.

Having encountered this threat before the group uses their knowledge of the ghouls and sends the droids Roger, Galen, Crev's Junk droid, and Pip into the front lines- toe to toe with the enemy (No worries about plague to droids..) They engage three ghouls at the security check point barricade. The rest of the group follows up cautiously. Soon they note stray ghouls attacking nearby civilians away from the party.

One ghoul drops clumsily over the barricade and is dispatched quickly by Roger, while two more emerge from a nearby maintenance tunnel. Seeing this the lone remaining security lieutenant makes a tactical retreat (runs away shitting himself) having seen his hardy soldiers dropped so quickly.. The group blasts and beats many of the ghouls down slowly, hampered by the limited means of movement and rotting flesh wall. Unfortunately they down the front of ghouls just as two others are killing civilians. They can only take swift revenge on the two ghouls after they have killed. 

Crystalina pursues the security lieutenant for information, but he seems unwilling to stop. In a rash gambit she force pushes him into a wall- splattering his brains all over the ground. The group wisely mesh tapes the two civilians downed by the ghouls and takes them to Aramist medical for treatment. Medical droid Galen during all of the action decides to gather some medical specimens and hack saws open one of the ghouls head- dripping his slimy brains into viles..

After scavenging the bodies the group takes a breath to regroup and contemplate the happenings on the space station. This is where we leave off..







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