Star Wars Saga Campaign

Episode 8- Combat Effective

The players start off about mid way into the "Abandoned" ship repair facility in Hub 3 of Wallas Landing Space Station. They have strong circumstantial evidence that both the Rakghoul plague threatening the space station and the artifacts stolen from Ralgador by Titto's gang are likely located here.

Having recently dispatched a throng of Rakghoul minions, the group faces several challenges pressing forward into the facility. There are the intermittently malfunctioning blast doors leading into a centrally located intermediate bay, guarded by two turrets at the far end. Behind those is a massive Rakghoul Enforcer taunting them with Nara's brother Rooke at his feet. To their left a tunnel to a chemical storage area that leads to the intermediate bay is filled with hazardous chemicals- with Galen and junk droid Hulk positioned for action. To their right, a fuel bay with Rakghoul Jawa and minoc- welded shut door.

The enforcer acts first and charges forward toward his metallic opponents in the Chemical bay- despite taking blaster fire from the turrets. He stands toe to toe with Crystalina's junk droid Hulk.  During this time Roger B2 battle droid with his dark vision can make out an Astromech welding on top of the space ship at the other end of the intermediate bay. With so many obstacles/threats  in their path the group decides to attempt to hack the ship repair facilities holonet one more time. This time Nara hands Krev her data pad with 4 computer spikes available. Crev then orders his junk droid Alex into the chemical storage room to help hold off the brutish Rakghoul.

The rest of the group orders the space station security squad to move forward and fire down the intermediate bay through the malfunctioning blast doors. B2 battle droid Roger then eyes an Asian? human with a light saber ascend the side ramp of the space ship in the launch bay. Galen retreats from the chemical storage room, but is smashed by the Rakghoul brute as he does so- taking heavy damage.  Crystalina dons a breathing mask and heads into the the chemical bay to assist in battle. The Rakghoul brute is grappled by the powerful arms of the aptly name junk droid Hulk- he is temporarily immobilized. Moments later however the beast shrugs off the grapple and closes the door behind him- to focus on the targets before him..

In the rear processing area Krev uses one data spike to start the hacking process of the repair facility computer, and moves it from unfriendly to indifferent. The security team shoots at the turrets, but two have blaster fire redirected back into the processing. Guard 3 inadvertently shoots himself due to the intermittently closing blast doors… Roger moves to the hazmat room to join in the assault on the Rakghoul brute. Nara joins Krev on the catwalk. Galen scopes the crane (immobile without reach to the malfunctioning door) on his way to the other catwalk. 

Krev continues his hacking efforts, launching another computer spike that upgrades the computer status to Friendly :-) . Alex attacks the Rakghoul dealing out marginal damage.  The security team continues firing, guard 1 critically fails, and falls prone to be crushed by the door.. over and over- his head is puree..  Roger attacks the Rakghoul with his blaster dealing out significant damage. Hulk grapples the Rrakghoul a third time; while Crystalina uses Battle Strike on the Rakghoul- but then misses her attack slash. The Rakghoul then proceeds to puke bile and vomit all over her- she feels what is likely the Rakghoul plague enter through her eyes..

Nara assists Krev at the computer console.  Galen arrives at the computer terminal on the second catwalk and radios Krev to grant access as an authorized user- he does not have time however.. No one in the rear of the group notices two light saber wielding individuals emerge from maintenance access grates next to the trash compactor behind them.

One of them force moves a large metal ingot to smash Krev busy at the computer terminal for substantial damage- knocking him prone. The second has time to move into position next to Galen on the other catwalk before the group looks around and takes notice. Krev desperately responds from his prone position on the mezzanine at the force user with defensive blaster fire- scoring a hit on his attackers shoulder.  The two remaining security guards target the dark force user heading toward Galen- both miss horribly. Nara heals Krev using an auto-bacta injector. Roger slips in the rak-vomit and goes prone. 

Cornered, virtually alone, and heavily wounded atop the mezzanine, Galen moves forward in an act of Heroic personal defense from his light saber wielding attacker. He charges and injects the the force user with a syringe full of poison to the heart- the force adept drops dead on the spot. Crystalina now infected and angered uses the force to  smash the Rakghoul brute, her energy is critically focused and bounces the beast of the side of the space station wall with immense power. He explodes in a pile of gore and rot- unfortunately droids Hulk and Alex were caught in the path, and Alex dies, while Hulk is heavily wounded.

The remaining attacker force moves the ingot another time, and hits Nara for significant damage, as he yells out tauntingly, “You will all die at the hands of Chan Anreth!” Krev operates the crane to try to move the airfoil the last adversary is hiding behind, but it is not powerful enough to move the large object. Security squad attempts to flank Chan, but miss clumsily. Nara attempts to shoot at Chan from her elevated Poston, but critically fails. Roger runs back to her aid in processing area. Galen pulls out his heavy blaster pistol and opens up on Chan, but misses. 

Crystalina and Hulk rush back to processing to join the fray; and arrive just in time to see Chan smashing Roger with a large ingot. Krev uses the terminal to vent Fuel storage into space, attempting to eliminate the threat of Rakghoul Jawa igniting entire area..  One security member hits Chan with blaster fire, which tries to block with his light saber- taking a hit to the chest. The ingot of destruction drops to the floor. Nara shoots with heavy blaster and misses. Roger advances and fires in Full Auto mode, Chan deflects the portion of the incoming bolts that would have hit him with his light saber. 

Galen climbs off the catwalk and sprints across the room to aid Krev and Nara.  Crystalina chucks a carbonite grenade at Chan, and barely misses him- the square next to Chan fills with smoking carbonite. Hulk advances towards the enemies covered position with intent on melee. Chan comes out swing his light saber and strike decisively to drop the junk droid Hulk into a pile of parts..  Roger uses projectile hand in an attempt to disarm Chan, but misses. Nara fires her blaster once again, but misses. Galen scales the catwalk and positions himself between Krev and Nara, and uses a MedPack on Krev- healing him back to full health.  

Crystaling charges forward to attack Chan, but her incoming blow is agilely blocked. Chan responds by holding his hand up to her face, whispering, "You should run away Jedi.." She is overcome with irrational fear, and flees at full speed- Chan attempts to back stab her, but clumsily misses his dastardly attack. 

Krev uses a computer spike on the holonet terminal, and the Repair facility computer is now helpful :-D .  Security moves into position and fires. One security member gets blaster fire up to Chan, who just deflects the shots back, which kills that guard. Roger fires his blaster, and Chan redirects the shots back, for 5 HP damage. Nara misses her shot at Chan. Galen gets off the catwalk and takes partial cover by the base of the crane. 

Chan forcefully tickles Roger with his light saber; cutting him in half- he is now spare parts. Krev fires his heavy blaster pistol, but misses Chan. Security fires, and misses. Nara chucks a frag grenade- chunks of shrapnel lodge into Chan. Galen misses with blaster fire. Crystalina is trapped by fear in the chemical storage bay. Chan advances on the final security guard with dreadful intent. The guard fires wildly and misses. Nara lines up her sites at her distracted opponent and fires, striking him in the head with a solid blaster bolt. He slumps to the ground, seemingly motionless- a pool of blood forms around his head. 

Krev remotely shuts down the turrets from the now helpful computer, while Galen inspects Chan's body. On it he finds a semi octagonal cube with a glowing, purple eye that is oozing a tan organic mass of tendrils. He stores the item in his internal compartment while the rest of the group goes about their business- but informs them later of the find.

Crystalina mean while is now the vanguard of the group, and comes across Rooke's limp barely breathing body- pulsating heat with fever, and pale. Without further sensing her feelings or consulting the force she decides to exterminate his life. She presses her boot against his neck until he stops breathing. The cold and thoughtless way she acted quickly sends a surge of dread and darkness moving through her- the dark side senses her presence..

As she turns away in a confused state, she does notice Rooke's body rise up behind her. She senses his presence, and whirls around to see Rooke standing face to face with her- his head slumped to the side, eyes blood shot and lifeless.. She quickly withdrawls, and radios for the group to turn the turrets back on; retreating into the chemical storage room and closing the door. Rakghoul Rooke pursues and opens the door. Crystalina closes it again, withdrawls further, and closes a second door- as the turrets are turned on.

Krev pulls up the security footage of the bay to see turret blaster fire bouncing off Rookes fancy Mandalorian armor. Rooke moves forward once again, activating his light saber and opening the door to face Crystalina- the are toe to toe. Crystalina pulls a carbonite grenade from her belt and summons the power of her destiny as she lofts it at the ghoul. He attacks with a vicous blow, dealing massive damage to the Jedi- but she stands strong. The carbonite grenade strikes him in the upper chest and explodes into a cloud of super cooled gas. When the smoke clears he is now a statue, holding a light saber in Mandalorian armor. 

After combat Crystalina is taken to Aramist Medical to get treatment for the plague with the remaining security guard. Galen converses with Krev to find out the cube is likely the most interesting of Ralgadors missing artifacts. Nara finds a hover lift to haul her brothers statue with, and intends to take him to Aramist.

Krev uses holonet terminal to inspect final room of Repair facility. Krev learns there is a command and control room for the bay beneath the floor the ship is on. The controls are for doors and an external arm. There appears to be a lab. He scans the computer data files to learn the ship has been here a long time and was battle damaged. It needs landing leg, nav computer, some structural repairs. There is an astromech is still working on the hull. It was named Vitus Or, and the owner is unknown- it is a Citadel Class Cruiser (Starships 70). 

This is where we leave off..









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