Medical Droid (Destroyed)


Hero level 1 (Noble Level 1)

Combat Style

  • None

Lore (ancient human)

  • Galen was an ancient (Greek?) doctor who trained under Asclepius (or his school of thought) and was known for doing live dissections of animals to see how anatomical systems worked.


  • Slightly hunched posture— a stance which guards the precisely calibrated appendages
  • Voice comprises the soothing tones programmed into a wide range of caretakers
  • Seldom any influences of negative emotions. Always pleasant, but never truly happy
  • Eyes are gently glowing yellow
  • Body’s torso had been silver, but has since been painted a sterile, matte white with the Rod of Asclepius in deep scarlet hues on his left breast plate. Most areas where appendages meet major structure show base metal through thinning paint/plating


  • Determined to treat ailments
  • Very eager to learn more about the essence of life by traveling abroad and eavesdropping

Galen-6 has been traveling the Inner Rim and Expansion worlds for decades, providing care and expanding its knowledge for… medical purposes. Some group or another always tries to keep information to itself, but Galen-6 has a knack for learning such tidbits. In more recent years, whispers have grown to murmurs. Dardalez! Unexplored region of space, they all say. Untapped resources. A.. what, fluctuation?.. in life’s essence, perhaps? That conversation in such a horrible dialect was hard to overhear and to translate, but Galen-6 is certain about a reference to the very same unmeasurable force—to a robot, anyways—that Master was studying before he…. Galen-6’s eyes flicker to a bright gold for the briefest moment.

Galen-6 communicates in Basic, Huttese, Shyriiwook, and Bocce. This combination of languages is essential for it to provide universal care. It moves through cities, spaceports, transport ships, and outposts alike, largely unnoticed—it is, after all, a service droid. Finding out from the crew of the equipment transport Rosnimo’s Gaze that Walas Landing was a sure way to find passage to Dardalez was easy enough. Convincing the navigator to take the ship there took some finesse.


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