Body Guard (4th degree droid)



  • Stoic. Strong, silent type.
  • IG-100 frame – matte black with a tattered black cloak – he is a stark contrast to Galen
    • A droid might be colored such for stealth and to hide the scorch marks of intense combat
  • Eyes are an intense purple, matching the glow of the legendary electrostaff’s energy beams


  • Generally serves his purpose through intimidation.
    • Galen had heard stories of the infamous IG-series battle droids, and he took advantage of an opportunity to obtain an IG companion.
  • IG-0R is nearly always in a Patrol or Guard mode, and only engages in combat when it suits Galen-6’s survival mandates.


  • Developing toward use of energy-based dual-sided weapons.


  • Protect Galen-6 from harm
  • The earliest moments stored in IG-0R’s reflect confusion and bewilderment. Galen-6 was with a human and several other droids in a very brightly lit room underground. IG-0R sensed that Galen-6 had complete access to his systems, and a security lock had been activated. Galen-6 is IG-0R’s master. The human appeared to have just come out of major surgery.
  • The next several decades worth of storage show travel—scenes from many worlds and environs, scenes of Galen-6 treating the sick and wounded. Hours worth of storage from each world shows Galen-6 immobile and the background a blur of motion. Galen-6…standing watch… and listening.


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