Star Wars Saga Campaign

Episode 11 Feeling Lucky

   The group starts off in the moderately damage base/ship repair facility in Hub4 of Walas Landing Space station, after two back to back attacks. The last attack was clearly the work of the Hutt aboard the station, but the earlier one was by an unknown assailant- now floating into deep space.. Remembering that one of the droids that was vented into space with the assailant had boosters, they attempt to contact it. R2 droid Peter is apparently ok and already on his way back to their position.    Continuing their assesment of the situation they not on of the B1s (Henry) is OK, as well as B2 (now “Meat”) with Nara. Their ship the Vittus Or (colossal freighter) needs 3 days for repairs, if team works it. The sabatoged Hutt ship will be repaired in 2 days, probably..  Station owner Zix Wheems has given them 1.5 days to leave the station, now that the Union functions have been restored.

They then continue by evaluating their goasl: Primary focus is on the critical task of recovering Ralgadors datapad with the new star map to Dardelez Prime and the space lane around the Hutt blockade, secondary: take over station, and/or aid Union taking over station. Kick off plan to infiltrate Hutt group.

       Medical droid Galen takes 20 to skillfully removes Hutt agents decapitated head from its helmet. Nara searches the bodies for identification of any kind, but dosen't intially find anything. Galen uses his knowledge of life sciences and notices a scar mark from an injection (sub-dermal) on some of the bodies. It's an RFID chip.  Using his technical abilities Galen tries to interface the RFID tag, which might be medical in nature. Galen removes the RFID tag without damaging it. The device reveals its own info and basic medical info about the individual.

  Galen surveys the medical info to determine that the body had 'spice' in his system. Galen doesn't detect any force sensitive capabilities from their med stats. Before the group gets a chance to search the other bodies for similar medical info, Ralgador comes on their comm links for the party with info from Coalition Command. He asks the group if they can meet him in his suite.

 Wary of the request due to Ralgador's recent demotion and pending investigation into the happenings in Dardelez Prime- Galen attempts to percieve if their is any deception in Ralgador's voice patterns. He doesn't not get a sense that their is any malice in his request for a meeting. Pop2 and Pep spend an hour or so to secure the blown up doorway into admin, welding it in place. Nara adorns the comm link for the Hutt channel. There is a crackle of static on the headset as someone asks in an authoratative voice, "Squad one what's your status!?" 

      Galen attempts to impersonate the fallen soldier and informs the Hutt agent on the other end that he is last survivor and heading back soon. Obviously not fooled by the poor attempt he responds, “Who is this?!” Galen undeterred references the soldiers name he aquired from the RFID chip and states, “took hit, so my helmet comm damaged” This added bit of deceipt seems to be enough to do the trick, and the heavy male voice responds, “Excellent!”

        Galen is pretty sure human or humanoid on other end of comm channel. Galen: “Squad leader [name from RFID] is down. Confirm rendezvous point”. The voice on the other end responds, “Get your ass back here to the VIP booth at Big Boone Casino”. Galen simple responds, “Roger”.

   With 5 droids working on ship, ther groups estimates 36 hours for complete repairs of the ship. R2 droid Peter will be back from his space journey soon. Repair time drops to 1 day (24h) when Peter returns in 1 hour (dilegently thrusting his way towards the space station through the asteroid feild).  Team decides it is optimal to visit Ralgador before deciding how to approach the Hutts at the casino.  Krev needs new digs, since he might be recognized by the  group of Hutts from the hangar sabotage mission he undertook.

 The group quickly makes their way to a gun merchant for clothes (Space marine surplus). Krev aquires some not so fly threads for a small fee. Ralgador is finishing packing a transport trunk with his personal possesions when the group arrives at his suite. He informs them that he received an urgent message from Eeth Coff (Zabrak Commander of Coalition forces). 

   Ambassador Ralgador, thanks for update. Due to your failed mission, loss of fleet, and presence of Hutt, Ralgador must return immediately with any recovered artifacts. Nara Duroch will be promoted from envoy to diplomat. A coalition surveillance station picked up a communication from a Hutt squadron that was being deployed to Walas landing. The fleet is estimated to arrive in the Roche system in 2-3 days. The Coalition is sending interdiction fleet to intercept. Nara and team are asked to recover datapad, fix ship, prep for an expedition to Dardelez Prim. The coalition fleet will provide cover for jump to Dardalez. Once there they are to: investigate the remains of Ralgadors previous fleet and look for any survivors, locate Orgas Din (Crystalinas Master), and make contact with any space faring races. She notes that 20,000 credits are transferred for funding the mission (to Nara). She also informs the group that they have intel that the Hutt on station is Jotti (fem Hutt)—mid ranking, quite powerful, most nefarious. She notes to the group to use of force authorized, but not suggested- hinting that any means necessary to recover the data pad. She also notes that their dossier profile on Jotti says she has a severe gambling addiction bordering upon obsession. Once lost a star frigate to a pirate commander over a game of chance..

        Nara calls new Union leader (Crixtosh) who says the station's shields should hold out against a Hutt bombardment for a while. Nara tells him that the Coalition is sending a fleet. Technically, the station is supposed to be neutral, but the station could be used to aid the fleet and surprise the Hutts if control of the station can be obtained from Zix Wheems.  

   The group develops a tentative plan to recon the Holonet 'core' and the Hutt to find out her games of choice. Nara seeks out a disguise kit. Pup has been dispatched to locate and scout the Holonet core. The group heads to market district for the casino which occupies a large section of Hub 4. Once they arrive they see casino ads showing cred winners, advertising give-aways, etc..     Casino has a solid up-scale look. The destitute leave while the curious enter. Floor goes from slots in front to table games. Left is security and cash cage. A massive glass wall in the back reveals what is probably the VIP area.

  Nara and Crystalina enter casino first with in-depth disguises. Nara scouts around the floor for info. Most interesting tidbit is a Rancor fight in pit#2 in one hour. A bartender tells Nara that VIP is a purchased pass that grants access to certain areas. VIP viewing of fighting pits, spa access, lounge, and rooms. 500 credits for VIP pass. Bartender tells Nara to head to the cage to get the pass. One pass for Nara and Crys can have access for a day. Crystalina notices someone brush against Nara and reach into her pocket. She tells Nara who notices that her bacta injectors have been swiped. 

 The duo notices the thief heading to the restroom area, but can see their face. As they approach, a Twilek female jumps into their path. Nara tries to push by but she deliberately blocks them- rambling on about access to party favors to help their gambling experience.  Crystalina is not amused and coughs in her face and feigns the need to vomit in an attempt to clear the path. Nara threatens severe violence and the Twilek reluctantly moves out of the way.  The two women follow the assailant towards the restroom area. Each takes a different gender room. 

  Crys plees for help to recover stolen goods from passers by at first, then she decides to use her Jedi power Sense Surroundings. Nobody in the room appears to be the thief, so she heads to women's room. Again she senses her surroundings and the assailant is not in the women's but down the hallway. Eventually she identifies a purple horse male dressed as an upscale business man walking to the bar and ordering a drink. Crystalina suggests interest in his member to get attention and then threatens to remove any future use of his junk if he doesn't return the gear.

 The equine looks afraid and admits stashing the gear in the bathroom trash can. Nara questions the man about himself. Mr. Ed admits to being a career thief in the casino. He avoids VIP due to security patrols. He reveals that the Hutt is “quite a sight.” Nara asks what he knows. Half a dozen well-armed security detail. She must have a deal because the casino ordinarily prohibits such equipment. The Hutt has been keeping mainly to the fighting pits. Nara leaves Mr. Ed on fairly decent terms.

   Krev and Galen enter Big Boon together a short while later, and buy VIP passes. At the fighting pit area of the casino the group sees two massive deep metal pits.  One appears to be all droid combat and the other is beasts fighting each other. Bets and odds are ongoing as the fights develop. The Hutt appears to be enjoying herself immensely from a central seat in the VIP viewing balcony/stand. Every so often we hear a large beast (perhaps a Rancor) in an unseen cage. 

 Nara and Crys bet on a large droid which has odds such that if it wins it's a 1.5x payout.        Bookie says the Rancor is the main fight for the night. There's supposed to be an unknown opponent already established. Nara, Crys, and Krev place bets on a small blue creature which Crys senses will win- the payout is 3:1. Krev bets against Crys in the droid fight. The Juggernaut droid wins the droid fight. Crys and Nara win some cash, and Krev loses to further the charade of disinterested betting. 

   The little blue creature wins the beast fight and chows down on its victims. The second round of droid and beast fights kicks off.   The non-droids of the party engage in, and make significant gains from, betting on the fights. Galen, the droid of the party, abstains. Galen notices that the Hutt is snorting spice and chugging drinks and eating a lot. She appears to be very obsessed with betting, and she adjusts bets as the odds change. She doesn't appear to be watching anything in particular. Her bookie stays close to her. 

  Nara goes to the platform where Jotti is. Nara learns that the bookie is the VIP bookie and takes bets from anywhere. Nara tries to make small talk with Jotti in Huttese. Jotti is disgustingly pouring food and drink into her gullet. Nara comments on her presence in this part of the galaxy. Jotti asks where Nara learned the language. Jotti comments that Nara must be good to have worked in the Hutt territories and come out a high-roller. 

        Nara makes small bets that she loses. Jotti heckles Nara for the loss, but she's losing heavily, too. The big fight is a Rancor vs a Viper droid (a big tank with claws). Galen tries to read the medical traits of the Rancor, but doesn't detect any conditions suggesting the Rancor has an unusual disadvantage. Jotti is betting on the Rancor. She has a soft spot for Rancors. Nara makes an obvious bet on the Viper droid. The rancor has 2:1 odds. Jotti heckles Nara for the bet just placed. Nara pokes at Jotti by increasing the stakes of the bet. Nara shows a hologram of the Rakghoul-creating cube. Nara requests a match bet of 500,000 credits.

     During this exchange, more people come to the platform.  Crystalina searches for force-users and senses that the Hutt is force-sensitive.  Jotti asks why 500k credits would match the artifact in value. Nara explains the Rakghoul plague and creation of an army. Jotti counters with 250k credits. Nara doesn't take the lower offer, and Jotti counters with 500k if Nara adds her slave (Crystalina).

    The newly arrived woman whispers in Jotti's ear. Crys perceives that info about us might have been passed to Jotti at that very moment, and lets the group know “we might have been made.   Jotti says to Nara, “I must be going, our bet will have to wait.” Nara can't get Jotti to respond to further questions.  They notice the soldiers of Jotti's security detail heading toward Krev with intent and weapons drawn.


 Galen moves toward the approaching soldeirs (a pair) under guise of being a panicked by a bystanderd. Galen readies action to inject poison should an opportunity arise. Crys trails Jotti a bit to demonstrate being afraid of the weapons that the soldiers just pulled.  Krev moves away from the first 2 soldiers and draws his weapon.

   Nara trails Jotti, also pretending to evade.  One soldier heads around the bot pit (away from Galen) and the other passes by Galen. Galen fails to inject the solder but conceals his involvement successfully. The soldier is only aware that something hit his armor as he passes by.

  Jotti runs (dbl mvmt = 4 sq) away from the platform.  The soldiers yell out that they've spotted Krev and figured out who he is. “You should be dead!” One soldier misses his shot and the other drops his weapon into the droid pit. Crys Moves Object on the Rancor to knock him over. The Viper droid pounces and begins shredding the Rancor's leg. Krev heads to an unmarked door by the droid pit. The door is locked, and hequickly disables the lock. 

        Nara continues shadowing Jotti.  Galen runs towards the main exit from the fighting pit area. Weaponless soldier pulls a club and moves toward Krev. The other soldier also moves towards Krev. Jotti moves around the back of the platform. More civilians take cover in a corner of the room. The soldier with a weapon (blaster pistol) shoots at Krev for 9HP damage.

    Crys runs after Nara shouting about waiting for the fight to end.  Krev enters a maintenance room. A sign in the corner over a door says Exit to Level 2. Nara still trailing Jotti. Galen sprints over to the corner with civilians and asks is everybody is OK. This corner is where Jotti is heading.

   Jotti arrives at the door by the civilian corner. Soldiers enter the maintenance room. The rancor has been cut up by the Viper droid.   Crys runs to the bookie for winnings, and bookie tells her to hit the casino cages for payout. 

    Krev chucks a grenade in the maintenance room as he leaves it. 19HP damage to both soldiers. The stairs lead Krev to another maintenance room one level down.  Nara continues following Jotti. 

        Galen tries to interact with Jotti, who orders her guard to stop Galen from further movement towards her.  Soldiers help their comrade who got knocked over. They stop pursuing Krev. Combat ends with Jotti's departure and the Hutt's soldiers retreating.

    Krev emerges from the maintenance room when the soldiers are gone. While the combat was happening, Pup sent a distress signal and then went offline. Session XP: 1700 → Level up!


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