Star Wars Saga Campaign

Episode 13 Did You Swallow a Cherry..?

The group started off the session standing over the body of Jottie the Hutt and several of her security forces. Sith holocron still in hand, unknown Sith Lord still held within. They proceed to loot the bodies for anything of value and come up with some unique gear including a flame cannon, a large duramesh suite, and a short range comm decryption device.

A Hutt human female scoundrel remains unconscious on the floor after being knocked out in the battle. The group decides to bind her, heal her, and haul her back to their base for interrogation. Once back at base they un-gag her and find out her name in Sara (pronounced SAR-a). They attempt to convince her to join the group as an informant/agent against the Hutts. She refuses on the very reasonable grounds that the Hutts will likely want her dead, after her boss died under her protection. She tells them that she plans to flee as far as she can, and find a quiet back water world to hide for the rest of her life. The group stubbornly presses with intimidation, cajoling, and pressure- but she seems un-wavered.  

After a brief planning session back at the Space Ship Repair Facility/base in Hub 3 the group decides to head to Hub 1 and attempt to recruit the remaining Hutt forces, or at minimum prevent a physical confrontation. The Hutt security forces seem to prepared for the groups arrival,  and are hunkered down behind crates in front of their ship.  

Crystalina ascends a maintenance access tunnel to the side of the Hutt ship to find it welded shut. She quickly opens it like a tin can with her light saber, and makes here way to the main deck. She is spotted along with Galen moving to a computer terminal. The Hutt forces upon seeing Galen move past them in the docking bay open fire.

Galen is quick on the move and takes cover behind some crates in front of another nearby civilian ship. So he only takes partial damage from the automatic blaster rifle fire. Nara moves in and attempts one more time to diffuse the situation but the enemy seems completely disinterested in a cease fire- scoffing at her requests.

Krev ascends a maintenance tunnel on the opposite side of the hangar and also finds it welded shut. He dons his trusty cutting torch and makes it to the main deck. Nara runs in and takes cover behind a steel crate. Only seconds later the main laser cannon of the ship swivels in her direction and opens fire- destroying the crate she was crouched behind.

Crystalina moves in towards the left side of the ship eyeing the cargo door. It closed however, but this is not a problem and she merely uses her uncanny knowledge of the force to turn intangible and phase through the walls of the ship.. On the other side she stands face to face with a shocked Hutt soldier/technician holding computer parts for repair. He quickly runs into the engine compartment and closes the door. She also notes another Hutt soldier operating a ship gunnery station- likely firing at her allies, and a third coming up the ramp.

From here the group uses most means at their disposal to blast, destroy, and otherwise kill the Hutt forces. Crystalina’s mastery of force powers really swayed the favor of the encounter toward the group, and the battle was never really in doubt for the group. Though Nara left herself exposed for a considerable amount of time to heavy weapons fire from the ship and Hutt forces. She took significant damage- but it did not seem like it was her destiny to die there that day..

Having destroyed the remaining Hutt forces on the station the group prepares to loot the bodies and commandeer the ship in front of dozens of onlookers. As they are piling bodies in the middle of the docking bay, 5 space station security forces arrive and immediately demand their surrender. The now familiar Transdoshian security captain tells them, “Lord Propietor Zix Wheems wants to speak to you”. The group hesitates for a few moments; contemplating another fight immediately after their battle with the Hutts- and then reluctantly agree to go to the security command center in Hub 1.

Soon after they are standing in front of a screen with Zix and his security forces with blasters drawn at their backs- but the groups seems oddly cool. Zix is furious that they attack Hutt forces on the station, noting that this will incur the wrath of the Hutts and he will have to answer. He says they have two options- he could detain them and hand them over to the Hutts, or the group can pay him enough money to bribe the Hutts- 75k cr and leave the station immediately.

The group is about to give him a third option, but Crystalina decides to force grip/choke him. He is paralyzed with only a look of terror on his face as he chokes. His security forces have no idea what is going on, and order a medical droid to come to his aid. As the group verbally heckles the choking Lord Proprietor, Crystalina states, "Did you choke on a cherry?" He uses an almost super natural will to ensure that his destiny will not be to die at the hands of a bunch of terrorists.

As soon as the grip is broken he orders his security forces to kill them all. Which they intend to do, opening fire with readied actions and missing badly. The group quickly mops the floor with the overmatched security forces- though they initially appearing trapped. They kill all of them within half a minute, and mercifully let the last escape after he tells them he is going to run home to his family- and the group will never see him again.


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