Star Wars Saga Campaign

Episode 2- All's Well that Ends Well

                Several of the players sat in the crowded Aramist Medical Facility waiting room in Hub 2 of Walas Landing Space Station for the discharge of the Gorith diplomat Ralagor. Medical Droid Galen and Human Jedi Crystalina were unaware of another player waiting for the same person- a Zabrak Noble named Nara.  As they wait two heavily armed and armored individuals in matching crimson armor bust through the front doors!

                They yell out, "Nobody move and nobody gets hurt!" Galen overhears one of the mercenaries speak over his headset comm, "We're in position, target extract in 30 seconds." Galen silently communicates with his droid ally IG-0R to return from repairs in Hub 1 docking bay, and Tau the Kel Dor Scout followed with intrigue.  As they make their way toward the medical facility a tense standoff ensues.

                The player characters do not know if the target the mercenaries are there for is the same diplomat they are waiting for. Several attempts at diplomacy and subterfuge are made to dissuade the carbine wielding assailants to back down, but they appear determined in their mission. After several rounds of maneuvering the players realize they are unaware of the mercenaries goals and frozen in place at gun point.

                Through impressive diplomacy Nara convinces the assailants that the most here are of no threat to them and they allow all those that wish to leave. All but 1 of the non-combatant NPCs take off- the last remains paralyzed with fear, urinating himself. Galen also uses this opportunity to exit the facility- with a mind for an ambush at the front of the building.

                No other players follow suit however, and all wait to see who will be extracted. They don't have to wait long before a commotion is heard from within the hallway of the medical facility. Moments later a door bursts open and a 3rd combatant carrying the diplomat Ralgador over his shoulder. 

                Crystalina quickly uses her Jedi mind trick to make him drop the diplomat. A fierce battle ensues. Blaster fire erupts from all around. But one NPC continues to stand there urinating himself, creating a biological hazard.. Blaster fire destroys much of the room but not much damage is done to anyone for a couple of rounds- 1's and 2's are common.  Eventually IG-0R and Tau arrive and shift the tide of battle in the players favor.

                The diplomat takes off out of sight, not knowing who the players are. One of the mercenaries take off after him. Eventually one of the mercenaries is heavily wounded and surrounded and commits suicide by frag grenade with Cystalina and IG-0R next to him- causing heavy damage. The last combatant seems un-phased and pulls his vibro-axe to engage his enemies.  

                Overall he is sliced, blasted, and then stunned unconscious by Tau. With their enemies subdued the group loots their bodies, looking for evidence and valuables- something has to pay for their adventuring..  Nara uses her knowledge of intergalactic bureaucracy, and determines the assailants were members of the Voz Crea mercenary organization. They are a band of fanatic technology wielding warriors, for sale to the highest bidder.  Soon Galen spots space station security forces approaching outside the medical facility. Not wanting to explain the events that transpired and aware of the security forces disposition they grab their unconscious prisoner and decide to split up.

                Galen, Nara, and Crystalina head toward Hub 3 and "abandoned ship repair facility" to interrogate their new prisoner privately; while IG-0R and Tau head toward Hub 4 and the merchant district to barter. The group at Hub 3 uses their new found access to the Walas Space Station computer system to disable the security camera monitoring the area (thanks to Galen). Once they arrive they hear a loud metallic smashing noise inside a large blast door.                

               Crystilina senses the force around her and detects a powerful darkside presence within. They decide not to enter, and pull up space station schematics, and determine there is a subterranean? service area beneath the space station. They descend down, prisoner in tow.

This is where we leave off..

Episode 1 - The Big Game

The players started off arriving or recently arrived at the independent Walas Space Station, all in search of different personal goals. Galen and  IG-0R medical/security droids start off having been recently relieved of their volunteer post at the local Aramis medical facility, seeking knowledge of life "force" in the universe.

 The Kel Dor Scout Tay Col has put his family and past life behind him and arrived for a new start in adventuring to the newly discovered system of Dardelez Prime in hopes to write his corrupt family- guided by dreams of his ancestor Kon Raust Col.

Crystalina Shan a female Human Jedi arrived seeking information on the where abouts of her missing master Orgus Din- having sense a great disturbance in the force in the area of the galaxy thought to be Dardalez Prime. 

The players paths converged as they moved about the space station, all 3 were confronted by a scheming grifter and his two Jawa minions. Sitting at the entrance to a catwalk, and calling himself Titto Timmons- he tried to pass himself off as a customs agent and demanded large sums of creds from the new arrivals. As silken tongue as he may be all the players did not feel obliged to pay him much, and bartered down to less than a 1/10th of his demand. Or in Galens case, nothing- with a good roll and some quick thinking. 

Leaving the con artist behind they went about their business, only to hear cries for help from a woman and her child. They turn back to see an irate Titto physically accosting the woman her young child nearby. They move hesitantly to intervene. As Titto notices the assemblage of people he just tried to swindle approach (Tay with his rifle Gertrude drawn) he decides to steal the woman’s satchel and be ready to run. When verbally confronted, he shoves the woman to the ground a yells profanity at the group. 

Tay decides to open fire, but his blaster bolt is was off the mark. Titto and his Jawas make a tactical retreat- as Crystalina charges in and Tay continues suppressing fire. The enemy group continues to move back in the space docking area taking cover. Crystalina force pushed Titto, bouncing him violently across the side of a space ship and causing some minor collateral damage- then she moves on to the Jawas. Medical droid Galen provides first aid to the woman, before she takes off to get security.

Both sides exchange inaccurate blaster fire as the Jawas continue to retreat moving under space ships, and Titto disappears from sight. Crystalina chases down and lightsaber hacks one of the Jawas into surrendering, but the second also disappears. About that time a group of space station security forces arrives and attempts to take control of the situation.

They seemed disinterest in performing their duties, and want to get back to watching the big game- it’s a tie score.. They make a less than thorough search for Titto and the Jawa, but are keen to ask for licenses from everyone wielding a blaster. They take the captured Jawa and warn the group to be more cautious on their stay at space station, saying that they’ll capture Titto eventually, and that they have a report from the woman who was assaulted.

The droids and Tay work on repairing damage to IG-0R in the space dock, and Crystalina heads to security office to inquire about the whereabouts of her master. After quite a bit of hassle she bribes them into looking for him on their system. They find no evidence of his arrival or departure, but refer her to the Catina. She has a lot more luck persuading the bar tender there, and he give her information that her master had recently traveled with a diplomat that is being treated at the nearby medical facility.

After checking in with the group they decide to split up. Galen and Crystalina make their way to the medical facility, and Tay and IG-0R stay behind to continue repairs. Galen and Crystalina make it to the medical facility without incident, and wait for the diplomat who they are told is about to be released. As she waits, a pair of armored thugs in matching crimson colored armor busts through the medical facilities front doors- weapons drawn.

This is where we leave off.


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