Star Wars Saga Campaign

Episode 11 Feeling Lucky

   The group starts off in the moderately damage base/ship repair facility in Hub4 of Walas Landing Space station, after two back to back attacks. The last attack was clearly the work of the Hutt aboard the station, but the earlier one was by an unknown assailant- now floating into deep space.. Remembering that one of the droids that was vented into space with the assailant had boosters, they attempt to contact it. R2 droid Peter is apparently ok and already on his way back to their position.    Continuing their assesment of the situation they not on of the B1s (Henry) is OK, as well as B2 (now “Meat”) with Nara. Their ship the Vittus Or (colossal freighter) needs 3 days for repairs, if team works it. The sabatoged Hutt ship will be repaired in 2 days, probably..  Station owner Zix Wheems has given them 1.5 days to leave the station, now that the Union functions have been restored.

They then continue by evaluating their goasl: Primary focus is on the critical task of recovering Ralgadors datapad with the new star map to Dardelez Prime and the space lane around the Hutt blockade, secondary: take over station, and/or aid Union taking over station. Kick off plan to infiltrate Hutt group.

       Medical droid Galen takes 20 to skillfully removes Hutt agents decapitated head from its helmet. Nara searches the bodies for identification of any kind, but dosen't intially find anything. Galen uses his knowledge of life sciences and notices a scar mark from an injection (sub-dermal) on some of the bodies. It's an RFID chip.  Using his technical abilities Galen tries to interface the RFID tag, which might be medical in nature. Galen removes the RFID tag without damaging it. The device reveals its own info and basic medical info about the individual.

  Galen surveys the medical info to determine that the body had 'spice' in his system. Galen doesn't detect any force sensitive capabilities from their med stats. Before the group gets a chance to search the other bodies for similar medical info, Ralgador comes on their comm links for the party with info from Coalition Command. He asks the group if they can meet him in his suite.

 Wary of the request due to Ralgador's recent demotion and pending investigation into the happenings in Dardelez Prime- Galen attempts to percieve if their is any deception in Ralgador's voice patterns. He doesn't not get a sense that their is any malice in his request for a meeting. Pop2 and Pep spend an hour or so to secure the blown up doorway into admin, welding it in place. Nara adorns the comm link for the Hutt channel. There is a crackle of static on the headset as someone asks in an authoratative voice, "Squad one what's your status!?" 

      Galen attempts to impersonate the fallen soldier and informs the Hutt agent on the other end that he is last survivor and heading back soon. Obviously not fooled by the poor attempt he responds, “Who is this?!” Galen undeterred references the soldiers name he aquired from the RFID chip and states, “took hit, so my helmet comm damaged” This added bit of deceipt seems to be enough to do the trick, and the heavy male voice responds, “Excellent!”

        Galen is pretty sure human or humanoid on other end of comm channel. Galen: “Squad leader [name from RFID] is down. Confirm rendezvous point”. The voice on the other end responds, “Get your ass back here to the VIP booth at Big Boone Casino”. Galen simple responds, “Roger”.

   With 5 droids working on ship, ther groups estimates 36 hours for complete repairs of the ship. R2 droid Peter will be back from his space journey soon. Repair time drops to 1 day (24h) when Peter returns in 1 hour (dilegently thrusting his way towards the space station through the asteroid feild).  Team decides it is optimal to visit Ralgador before deciding how to approach the Hutts at the casino.  Krev needs new digs, since he might be recognized by the  group of Hutts from the hangar sabotage mission he undertook.

 The group quickly makes their way to a gun merchant for clothes (Space marine surplus). Krev aquires some not so fly threads for a small fee. Ralgador is finishing packing a transport trunk with his personal possesions when the group arrives at his suite. He informs them that he received an urgent message from Eeth Coff (Zabrak Commander of Coalition forces). 

   Ambassador Ralgador, thanks for update. Due to your failed mission, loss of fleet, and presence of Hutt, Ralgador must return immediately with any recovered artifacts. Nara Duroch will be promoted from envoy to diplomat. A coalition surveillance station picked up a communication from a Hutt squadron that was being deployed to Walas landing. The fleet is estimated to arrive in the Roche system in 2-3 days. The Coalition is sending interdiction fleet to intercept. Nara and team are asked to recover datapad, fix ship, prep for an expedition to Dardelez Prim. The coalition fleet will provide cover for jump to Dardalez. Once there they are to: investigate the remains of Ralgadors previous fleet and look for any survivors, locate Orgas Din (Crystalinas Master), and make contact with any space faring races. She notes that 20,000 credits are transferred for funding the mission (to Nara). She also informs the group that they have intel that the Hutt on station is Jotti (fem Hutt)—mid ranking, quite powerful, most nefarious. She notes to the group to use of force authorized, but not suggested- hinting that any means necessary to recover the data pad. She also notes that their dossier profile on Jotti says she has a severe gambling addiction bordering upon obsession. Once lost a star frigate to a pirate commander over a game of chance..

        Nara calls new Union leader (Crixtosh) who says the station's shields should hold out against a Hutt bombardment for a while. Nara tells him that the Coalition is sending a fleet. Technically, the station is supposed to be neutral, but the station could be used to aid the fleet and surprise the Hutts if control of the station can be obtained from Zix Wheems.  

   The group develops a tentative plan to recon the Holonet 'core' and the Hutt to find out her games of choice. Nara seeks out a disguise kit. Pup has been dispatched to locate and scout the Holonet core. The group heads to market district for the casino which occupies a large section of Hub 4. Once they arrive they see casino ads showing cred winners, advertising give-aways, etc..     Casino has a solid up-scale look. The destitute leave while the curious enter. Floor goes from slots in front to table games. Left is security and cash cage. A massive glass wall in the back reveals what is probably the VIP area.

  Nara and Crystalina enter casino first with in-depth disguises. Nara scouts around the floor for info. Most interesting tidbit is a Rancor fight in pit#2 in one hour. A bartender tells Nara that VIP is a purchased pass that grants access to certain areas. VIP viewing of fighting pits, spa access, lounge, and rooms. 500 credits for VIP pass. Bartender tells Nara to head to the cage to get the pass. One pass for Nara and Crys can have access for a day. Crystalina notices someone brush against Nara and reach into her pocket. She tells Nara who notices that her bacta injectors have been swiped. 

 The duo notices the thief heading to the restroom area, but can see their face. As they approach, a Twilek female jumps into their path. Nara tries to push by but she deliberately blocks them- rambling on about access to party favors to help their gambling experience.  Crystalina is not amused and coughs in her face and feigns the need to vomit in an attempt to clear the path. Nara threatens severe violence and the Twilek reluctantly moves out of the way.  The two women follow the assailant towards the restroom area. Each takes a different gender room. 

  Crys plees for help to recover stolen goods from passers by at first, then she decides to use her Jedi power Sense Surroundings. Nobody in the room appears to be the thief, so she heads to women's room. Again she senses her surroundings and the assailant is not in the women's but down the hallway. Eventually she identifies a purple horse male dressed as an upscale business man walking to the bar and ordering a drink. Crystalina suggests interest in his member to get attention and then threatens to remove any future use of his junk if he doesn't return the gear.

 The equine looks afraid and admits stashing the gear in the bathroom trash can. Nara questions the man about himself. Mr. Ed admits to being a career thief in the casino. He avoids VIP due to security patrols. He reveals that the Hutt is “quite a sight.” Nara asks what he knows. Half a dozen well-armed security detail. She must have a deal because the casino ordinarily prohibits such equipment. The Hutt has been keeping mainly to the fighting pits. Nara leaves Mr. Ed on fairly decent terms.

   Krev and Galen enter Big Boon together a short while later, and buy VIP passes. At the fighting pit area of the casino the group sees two massive deep metal pits.  One appears to be all droid combat and the other is beasts fighting each other. Bets and odds are ongoing as the fights develop. The Hutt appears to be enjoying herself immensely from a central seat in the VIP viewing balcony/stand. Every so often we hear a large beast (perhaps a Rancor) in an unseen cage. 

 Nara and Crys bet on a large droid which has odds such that if it wins it's a 1.5x payout.        Bookie says the Rancor is the main fight for the night. There's supposed to be an unknown opponent already established. Nara, Crys, and Krev place bets on a small blue creature which Crys senses will win- the payout is 3:1. Krev bets against Crys in the droid fight. The Juggernaut droid wins the droid fight. Crys and Nara win some cash, and Krev loses to further the charade of disinterested betting. 

   The little blue creature wins the beast fight and chows down on its victims. The second round of droid and beast fights kicks off.   The non-droids of the party engage in, and make significant gains from, betting on the fights. Galen, the droid of the party, abstains. Galen notices that the Hutt is snorting spice and chugging drinks and eating a lot. She appears to be very obsessed with betting, and she adjusts bets as the odds change. She doesn't appear to be watching anything in particular. Her bookie stays close to her. 

  Nara goes to the platform where Jotti is. Nara learns that the bookie is the VIP bookie and takes bets from anywhere. Nara tries to make small talk with Jotti in Huttese. Jotti is disgustingly pouring food and drink into her gullet. Nara comments on her presence in this part of the galaxy. Jotti asks where Nara learned the language. Jotti comments that Nara must be good to have worked in the Hutt territories and come out a high-roller. 

        Nara makes small bets that she loses. Jotti heckles Nara for the loss, but she's losing heavily, too. The big fight is a Rancor vs a Viper droid (a big tank with claws). Galen tries to read the medical traits of the Rancor, but doesn't detect any conditions suggesting the Rancor has an unusual disadvantage. Jotti is betting on the Rancor. She has a soft spot for Rancors. Nara makes an obvious bet on the Viper droid. The rancor has 2:1 odds. Jotti heckles Nara for the bet just placed. Nara pokes at Jotti by increasing the stakes of the bet. Nara shows a hologram of the Rakghoul-creating cube. Nara requests a match bet of 500,000 credits.

     During this exchange, more people come to the platform.  Crystalina searches for force-users and senses that the Hutt is force-sensitive.  Jotti asks why 500k credits would match the artifact in value. Nara explains the Rakghoul plague and creation of an army. Jotti counters with 250k credits. Nara doesn't take the lower offer, and Jotti counters with 500k if Nara adds her slave (Crystalina).

    The newly arrived woman whispers in Jotti's ear. Crys perceives that info about us might have been passed to Jotti at that very moment, and lets the group know “we might have been made.   Jotti says to Nara, “I must be going, our bet will have to wait.” Nara can't get Jotti to respond to further questions.  They notice the soldiers of Jotti's security detail heading toward Krev with intent and weapons drawn.


 Galen moves toward the approaching soldeirs (a pair) under guise of being a panicked by a bystanderd. Galen readies action to inject poison should an opportunity arise. Crys trails Jotti a bit to demonstrate being afraid of the weapons that the soldiers just pulled.  Krev moves away from the first 2 soldiers and draws his weapon.

   Nara trails Jotti, also pretending to evade.  One soldier heads around the bot pit (away from Galen) and the other passes by Galen. Galen fails to inject the solder but conceals his involvement successfully. The soldier is only aware that something hit his armor as he passes by.

  Jotti runs (dbl mvmt = 4 sq) away from the platform.  The soldiers yell out that they've spotted Krev and figured out who he is. “You should be dead!” One soldier misses his shot and the other drops his weapon into the droid pit. Crys Moves Object on the Rancor to knock him over. The Viper droid pounces and begins shredding the Rancor's leg. Krev heads to an unmarked door by the droid pit. The door is locked, and hequickly disables the lock. 

        Nara continues shadowing Jotti.  Galen runs towards the main exit from the fighting pit area. Weaponless soldier pulls a club and moves toward Krev. The other soldier also moves towards Krev. Jotti moves around the back of the platform. More civilians take cover in a corner of the room. The soldier with a weapon (blaster pistol) shoots at Krev for 9HP damage.

    Crys runs after Nara shouting about waiting for the fight to end.  Krev enters a maintenance room. A sign in the corner over a door says Exit to Level 2. Nara still trailing Jotti. Galen sprints over to the corner with civilians and asks is everybody is OK. This corner is where Jotti is heading.

   Jotti arrives at the door by the civilian corner. Soldiers enter the maintenance room. The rancor has been cut up by the Viper droid.   Crys runs to the bookie for winnings, and bookie tells her to hit the casino cages for payout. 

    Krev chucks a grenade in the maintenance room as he leaves it. 19HP damage to both soldiers. The stairs lead Krev to another maintenance room one level down.  Nara continues following Jotti. 

        Galen tries to interact with Jotti, who orders her guard to stop Galen from further movement towards her.  Soldiers help their comrade who got knocked over. They stop pursuing Krev. Combat ends with Jotti's departure and the Hutt's soldiers retreating.

    Krev emerges from the maintenance room when the soldiers are gone. While the combat was happening, Pup sent a distress signal and then went offline. Session XP: 1700 → Level up!

Episode 10 Base Defense 1.0

   The majority of the group started off tending to their ships maintenance and working around their new ship repair facility base- all except scoundrel Krev. Droid Galen curious about Krev's recent activities in the main docking bay for the space station- mentions it to Jedi Crystalina before confronting Krev. Krev is forthright and quickly lets the group know he was sabatoging Most of the group started off in their newly acquired ship repair facility, making repairs to and modifying their ships. Soon Krev returned from his not so shadowy sabotage activities in Hub1 Docking Bay. Galen having assisted Krev without knowledge of what was actually going on mentions it to Crystalina, before confronting Krev. Rather quickly he explains he sabatoged the Hutt ship as his own endeavor- not directed by Diplomat Ralgador. He then calls a group meeting to hash out some dynamics of their burgeoning relationship.

   Once assembled he admits to doing extra scouting and coming upon the Hutt ship; based on information obtained from Chan Areth's computer in the ship repair facility. Krev needed to sabotage the Hutt ship to prevent them from escaping with the likely acquired data pad. Krev asks for honestly from the group, while acknowledging to being hired help- he wants to know where they stand with regard to wiping out Hutts. Nara is a member of the Coalition and Crystalina's family was wiped by Hutts. Galen wants to stick with Crys and Nara but doesn't oppose direct force.

    Krev tells us he sabotaged the ship because the Voz Crea have the datapad and a Hutt likely has come for the sole purpose of retrieving the data pad. Nara asks if there's a way to find out if there are any ships that could be a Hutt fleet around the station. Galen accesses the ship repair facilities computer and scans the surrounding area- heis confident, despite the debris field, that there are no parked ships awaiting. Nothing looks combat related.

   Galen attempts to access the space station security holonet for information possibly relating to Krev's Hub 1 encounter. He is unsuccessful, and the security system goes hostile and attempts to begin a trace. About that time the group hears a door buzzer signaling failed access to one of the facilities doors. The camera to the admin area shows a disheveled Voz Crea informant Fred. He's fumbling with the door. They hail Fred over the intercomm, and he says he needs medical attention. Fred looks better than the last time Galen saw him, but Fred is visibly in poor shape.

    Galen informs the group that Fred is present. Galen goes down to the admin entrance and inspects Fred after he disrobes; noted significant skeletal and muscular disfigurement. Galen and Daedalus bring Fred to the medical bay holding cell.  Galen gives Fred a once over medical examination- he is about 1/10th of HP. He needs surgery to restore posture and mobility, but Galen doesn't have a surgical kit.

  Fred says he overpowered people at Aramis. Nara and Krev sense Fred is being less than honest and press him for the truth. Galen plays a recording of Fred's recital of the VC oath from when the group had previously captured him- without further words. Fred claims he wants to change his ways and wants to leave the VC behind. Nara asks bluntly how many VC there are left. Fred says he went to the main area of Voz Crea headquarters, and where commander Vikken was talking to Priestess Iness. They appeared to be planning an assault. Fred guesses maybe 20 VC left.

    Wanting to resupply and prepare for any upcoming combat Nara and Galen head to the market district of Hub 4. Crystalina and Krev prepare the Shipyard. Krev uses his technical prowess to upgrade the turrets damage ability, while Crystalina prepares boobytraps. Fred is placed in binders and allowed to pass out somewhat comfortably in the groups newly aquired lare prisoner cage. Daedalus is left operating the security cameras (in case anybody followed Fred) while Galen and Nara slip out of the “left” maintenance tunnels. On our way out, Krev tells the group that Mentakka originally sold out the info concerning the data pad.

As G&N come up into the Commons' main transit area, Nara notices a Hutt and a partial entourage heading towards Hub 4. Galen and Nara make their way to Mentakka's casino in the commons. Galen had previously hired Mentakka to obtain and surgical kit and any medical serums available- 2500cr is still owed.

Krev contacts Ralgador via secure comms, and Ralgador stresses how vital it is for the coalition that the data pad be recovered and returned to Ralgador/coalition. Krev reveals that there is a Hutt is on the station. He's likely going to bid on the data pad containing the star map and new space lane. Ralgador asks about who stole the items. Krev says that Chan Areth led the Encrad 7 group along with Titto Timmons and likely stole the items. The Voz Crea now likely have the data pad.

    Krev cannot convince Ralgador to provide the group with his bodyguards. Nara goes to aid the persuasion, at which point she learns that Ralgador's been demoted and Nara is up for promotion to the leadership of the regional Coalition (against the Hutts). Nara suggests that Ralgador helping our party could weigh positively on the outcome of the inquiry into Ralgador's loss of the Dardalez info, at which point Ralgador very reluctantly agrees to provide the party a single battle droid.

Galen and Nara head into Mentakka's office. Galen recognizes a heavily armed group leave Mentakas just as they are arrivng, and recognized their squad leader's armor from the group from the Hub1 incursion. This leader of the Hutt guard (w/ carbine at hip) and two others (w/ blaster rifles) walk right on by. The Duros guards at Mentakka's office make us wait a moment. Mentakka is aware of what Galen came for.

   Once inside Mentakka informs them that she completed her mission for Galen and found a surgical kit. Mentakka said she made it into a highly secure area and was able to stash something important-looking that she found. Mentakka admits that she's hidden the samples on her person and blushes. Mentakka had smuggled the items from Aramis well. Galen inspects the vials and recognizes two vials as transquilizer (3 dose each), 1 vial contains a biological sample, and 1 vial is an unknown substance. Galen asks for more info about the unknown substance. Mentakka says she doesn't know. Galen accepts this and delivers final payment (2500cr).

    Nara asks if Mentakka knows about the Hutt. The Twi'Lek denies knowledge. Galen perceives her pulse quicken, but Mentakka declines further comment. Nara turns to Galen and says “I was going to pay her for information.” Mentakka doesn't seem interested in the least.

Nara leads Galen tot he market district where she negotiates for combat droids. Nara buys a trio of B1 battle droids. A pair was sent to the Shipyard immediately. One B1 remained with Nara and Galen. Daedalus detects a droid in the admin area and informs Crys and Krev that Fred had been released. Daedalus does not recognize the droid in the admin area, but it looks menacing. Combat!

    Crystalina activates her lightsaber in the compactor room upon hearing about a droid tinkering with Fred's cage (on the ship's med bay). She opens the door into admin. area, but does not enter. Krev commands Daedalus to shut down the intruder's access to the admin computer. Krev makes his way to the colossal freighter while unholstering his heavy blaster.

    Krev seas a floating droid emerge from the ship. Krev perceives someone moving around in the ship, and it sounds like the individual is eqiupping. The droid fires at Krev for 16HP damage. Crystalina screams at Daedalus to cut power to the admin room. Daedalus complies, cutting power to the compactor and admin rooms. A strange looking individual emerges from the ship wild eyed and blaster weilding- he appears to be a Claudite (shape shifter). He shoots Krev for 10HP damage. Crystalina hears the admin droid floating away and proceeds to the hazmat room.

  Krev catches a 2nd wind for recovery of 10HP and retreats toward the Hazmat room to meet up with Crystalina. Floating attack droid explodes Pop's poor little circuits all over the hangar bay. Crystalina commands Daedalus to seal the Hangar and vent the atmosphere. Daedalus, the R2, Pop's remains, the floating attack droid, and the changeling all get sucked into space.

    Crystalina joins Krev and gives him the breather mask before heading back. Crystalina takes 3HP corrosive damage due to the lack of breather mask protecting her face/sinuses. Krev closes the bay doors, which deal the ship 30HP damage as they shove the ship back into the hold. 1 day added to repair time.

   Galen heals Krev using a medpack for 28HP and performs surgery on Crystalina's nose for 5HP recovered. Galen asks what happened. Crystalina says all the droids are dead, and Krev says that Fred wasn't really Fred. The party inspects the ship. They find a small floating transport box, which likely had gear for the shapeshifter. The floating attack droid cut holes through maintenance vents and then cut through the holding cage. Nothing in the medical bay was disturbed.

  The admin droid cut a hole in the admin door. The party assesses objectives: They have 2.5 days before the Union is ready for their attack on Commander Zix Wheens. They need a total of 3.5 days to completely restore the ship to full operating status. Total repair cost are estimated to be 19,000cr. The wealthy noble Nara chooses to cover the costs.

  On the way to Hub 4, Crystalina, Galen, and a B1 droid (Henry) pass the Big Boon casino. Galen recognizes the same lead security guy leaving with 5 other armed Hutt security types, marching with intent towards Hub 3. The guards are wearing fully contained armor, and heavily armed.   Galen, Nara, and Henry follow the party of soldiers stealthily and succeed.

At the entrance to Hub 3, Krev notices a soldier pulling out det cord. Combat!

    Galen gets info from Krev that the hallway is being watched—guard's are covering their rear—and readies his pistol.  Nara enters the ship and sits at the controls of a concussion missile launcher. Krev readies the compactor room crane. Soldiers blow the admin door and advance into admin. The rear guard turns his back, and Crystalina holds Galen from taking any action. Everybody continues holding.

    Soldiers enter the room and Krev uses the crain to grab one of the assailants and tosses  him into the compactor. Nara waits.  Krev activates the compactor and heads up to the ship. Galen waits.

    Compactor soldier tries to escape but in crushed to death. Party mostly holds to let the soldiers further in to spring an ambush. The soldiers advance into the hazmat area of the shipyard and open the door to the turret hallway. The droids open up on the soldiers in the doorway. The lead soldier takes 8HP damage. The hallway turrets deal a full hit (16HP) and a half-hit (9HP) in full auto mode. The commander drops to the floor dead- but drops an armed thermal detonator.

   Both the B1 droids and two more soldiers die in the resulting blast. Galen readies his pistol to take a shot if a soldier appears. Krev jumps on the control console and sends the B2 droid into HazMat. When the soldiers arrive at the admin door, Galen pops off a shot, but misses. Crystalina force-pushes the soldiers away from the door- dealing  23 HP damage to the soldiers.

  Nara egresses and heads towards the hangar blast door. Krev is on the console. He looks up info on the chemicals and learns that he chemicals in HazMat (newly spilled) are only respiration hazards. Galen tries to shoot a soldier but misses badly again. Crystalina approaches the standing soldier for a battle strike. Crystalina swings her light saber with great confidence and force decapitating the solder in one swift motion. The group loots the bodies for any valuables and asses the situation.

They have had 2 attacks on their new base in a very short period of time. Their ship is badly damaged, droids are dead/gone, and they still have not retrieved the datapad. The path forward seems unclear- how will they deal with the Hutt, the Voz Crea, and Zix Wheems, all while repairing their ship..?

This is where we leave off..

Episode 9- Hutt, Hacking, and High Explosives

 The group starts off split up after defeating the dark side force user Chan Areth, his initiate apprentice, and a massive Rakghoul brute. They have acquired one of Ralgador's artifacts, a multi-faceted object with organic looking tendrils emerging out of a glowing center. Though still, many of their primary objectives are still unresolved including, finding Ralgdor's remaining artifacts and data pad that contains the star map to and of Dardelez Prime.

Krev and Galen decide to head down into the control room area below the docking bay of the "abandoned" ship repair facility. As they descend the stairs into the control room- a faint light from large viewing windows illuminates a part of the room. They can make out dusty control panels with finger prints and signs of a untrained users operating them.  The smells of freshly charred flesh, burned metal, and rotting decay permeate from all around the room. The next thing that catches their eyes is the shadowy humps of what appears to be several corpses scattered about not far from the stairs. The corpse closest to them appears to be a body nearly cut perfectly in two down the middle. Two glowing circles of glowing electricity pierce the darkness in the back of the room.

Krev uses mesh tape to secure two of the three corpses, to prevent Rakghoul surprises from emerging. He then notices no movement or breathing—the bodies are obviously dead and decaying. One of the corpses appears to have a shape but his outfit blends in seamlessly to the ground around him. Upon further inspection he finds It is a camo poncho- which he promptly commandeers, along with a vibro sword. On another body he finds 500cr cred stick, vibrosword, and intact shadowskin armor. Next to the bisected body he comes across a nice heavy blaster rifle he mounts on his back.

After a quick search Krev doesn't notice any other movement or entity in the room, and summons Galen. Their attention is turned to the unconscious person hanging from electro-shackles in a large cage at the rear of the dark room. Krev notices a control panel for the box. Galen recognizes the individual as Fred (Nara's Voz Crea informant). Galen observes that Fred is not well; he is sweaty, feverish, and Galen observes webbing veins bulging and spasming from his muscles. Galen quickly advises Krev to euthanize Fred as he is infected. Krev obliges and shoots the unconscious and restrained Fred with his pistol. Fred quickly comes awake yelling, “AHHH! What the hell! Chan did something to me.. Please, please don't kill me! I can help you, I have information!”

Galen asks what Chan did to him. Fred responds, “He captured me and Rooke. He was experimenting on us.” Galen continues coldly, "What was your squad doing?" Fred responds nervously, " An important mission for the Voz Crea.”

 Galen has had enough of his resistance and pushes further, "The cure is expensive. What value does your information have?" Again Fred desperately responds, “Our squad was dispatched by High Priestess Iness. Rooke was squad leader. We were supposed to recover artifacts stolen from Ralgador. Chan was reluctant to sell them, so VC sent us to obtain them by force. Chan sold them something important.”

With that information and not much more forth coming, Galen suggests Fred be sedated for treatment. Fred puts up almost no resistance, and submits to the injection. Galen estimates 20-30m before Fred awakens from his narcotic coma, and possibly awakens as a ghoul.

Galen observes equipment on a couple of tables, some medical gear, odd looking items—not quite artifacts but rare or unknown devices. Galen and Krev bring Fred to Aramis and lock down the rear half of the Ship facility on the way out. Fred will be dropped off for Aramis to deal with. Galen and Krev are on the way to Aramis.

At Aramis, which Galen and Krev are in the control area of the Shipyard, Nara notices a procession heading into the main entrance of the Voz Crea facility. The members are mostly heavily armored (12 or so). There's an armored Hutt individual in the middle of the group.

The Aramis receptionist greets Nara with “ooh, carbonite injury. This isn't standard practice. Who is this?” Nara responds, “My brother.” The admin responds, “We don't see many people frozen in carbonite without controls. Typically, people are frozen for a reason. I might have to contact my supervisor for legal advice.”

An elderly Ithorian doctor comes out and begins asking more questions. He notices that the carbonite process wasn't applied in typical fashion. Nara offers cash and insists on rapid response- noting he was infected by the recent spreading infection. The doctor asks, “Has he turned?”  Nara responds, “Yes, he needs to be strapped down.” The doctor oddly inquires, “Would you be willing to trade him for the cost of the procedure?” Nara seems hesitant, “What guarantee that he can be saved?” He quickly count on his fingers, “5.6% or 5.7% chance to recover your brother. The cost is 4500 credits. Carbonite can be removed in a few hours, but there's no telling how the plague will react to treatment.” Nara offers to wait one weak and wants his personal effects. Nara agrees to pay up front, so that she gets Rooke's body back- cured or not. Assistants come in to retrieve Rooke's body.

Galen informs the party that a Voz Crea is coming. Galen and Krev arrive at Aramis. As they walk across the station, Galen hears a Voz Crea guard close to their nearby temple mutter as that he recognizes Fred (the restrained body they are carrying).

Nara sends Crystalina to find a thermal detonator. Crys finds that the shop keeper is out of detonators and he could put Crys at #27 on the list. Crys patches comm from Nara to the shop keeper. Nara uses persuasion and black market contacts to learn that another individual has thermal detonators. Nara negotiates payment of 1000cr to learn the whereabouts of the holder of thermal detonators—an individual at the Big Boon casino. Jix is a Verpine arms dealer.

Krev and Galen drop Fred off with Aramis. The receptionist appears alarmed and Krev points out that Aramis has a cure. The doctor says he is not sure if the cure will reverse a turned individual, but they can try. Nara asks, "Can the plague be reversed?" The doctor pauses for a moment before responding, "Possible, but it will take some time, and we may have to bring in some specialists in epidemiology, and virology." He says to give them a week and charges a hefty sum to attempt it.

Over their headsets they hear a voice, “Is this the group? Nara? Galen?” Nara informs Zix that the group dealt with the higher-priority plague. She informs him, "We took care of the Union lead and are working with the 2nd in command and also eliminated the plague problem." [Zix owes 3000cr per party member for elimination of Union leader and restoration of maintenance functions] [Crix would owe each member another 9500 for joining and taking over the station] Zix gives the group 24 more hours to complete the task of restoring maintenance unions function of repairing the space station before he brands them as criminals.

    Nara decides to use her advanced diplomatic prowess and asks if Zix is aware that a Hutt crimelord is on station. Zix deflects and admits to making concessions for survival as a neutral entity in the galaxy. Zix tells Nara that the Hutt arrived a few hours prior and won't reveal the name. He's a mid-level emissary from the Hutt empire and “here” at the station.

Nara arrives at Armis medical center to see the VC trying to take her brother Rooke. After extended negotiations with the Voz Crea squad, Nara gains access to the VC complex and has a conversation with the VC high priestess. Nara is unable to liberate Rooke's body, but is able to negotiate an improvement in terms with the Voz Crea. The VC are now Unfriendly toward our group. Nara got 6000cr in exchange for “information” which hints that Zix wants to wipe out the VC.

Galen goes shopping and purchases a FEG-series Pilot Droid and a new Pit droid with Mech visor and tool kit.The party heads back to the control area of the Shipyard. Krev accesses the computer, which is friendly, and finds Chan's secret files. Krev uses a spike to crack the encryption. Chan was leader of the Encrad7, with Tito Timmons and 4 others. They robbed Ralgador after paying Mentakka for info about the expedition was a main job. He also finds a transcript of a conversation between Chan Areth and High Priestess Iness negotiating for artifacts and the datapad. The datapad was sold to the VC for 50,000 credits, but Chan would not part with the artifacts no matter the offer.

More recent notes show erratic writing in journal entries from Chan. The notes focus on the cube (which Galen has) and power and conquering the galaxy. Chan apparently figured out how to weaponize the plague. The huge brute the group encountered was apparently the first successful experiment in his efforts. Fred or Rooke appear to be the likely next victims. The notes talk about modifying the bacteria. Krev keeps these findings to himself, and encrypts the data on the ship repair facility holonet.

Galen finds a physical secret stash of Chan's stuff while looking over the lab: base components and items of low value, a metal container full of vials, one has glowing green substance. Krev's findings using his knowledge of life sciences point to it being a Sith poison and it was one of the Ralgador artifacts, some type of lightsaber and a crystal (alumin crystal +1 attack), rudimentary animal harness (4-5kg). Galen doesn't recognize an animal that it would fit. Decorative tube. Galen keeps the Sith poison and decorative tube artifact.

Galen gives Crystalina the lightsaber, the 'blade' of which comes out and looks like a whip, and the crystal. Nara and Crys track down the thermal detonator dealer and acquires 1 thermals detonator and 1 carbonite grenades. Nara tried to get Crix to come to the Shipyard. She tries to negotiate for help, but he's still resistant. Galen swaps lightsaber crystals for Crys, who learns the identity of the newly found crystal. Galen then hands over Chan's lightsaber. The crystal inside is plain and red.

After negotiations, Crixtosh agrees to  [Nara and Galen are owed 5750cr now for helping Union acquire station]    [Crys and Krev are owed 2550cr now for helping Union acquire station] The group reports back to Zix, and he gives us each 3000cr for completion of the task and gives us 4 days to leave the station. Galen's new droids Daedalus (pilot) and Pop (pit droid) get started moving Chan's laboratory setup and holding cell into Storage Room A of the ship. Krev makes his way to the Hub 1 ship docking area to sabotage a ship. 

A Gamorrean guard of the ship randomly sees Krev emerge from a maintenance grate. Krev deceives him by telling him he's checking security for the Hutts, and so much information it makes the Gamorrean's head hurt so he turns away-scracthing his butt enthusiastically. He makes his way to the rear of the Hutt ship, before noticing a technician working on the engine and moves toward the front. There he fails to convince the guards to let him in. Galen preps a diversion for Krev. Galen drops a crane on a Hutt escort fighter- the action kills a nearby technician. The crane is disabled after being shot at by the Gamorrean guards.

Galen cuts the lights, and Krev is able to sneak past the door guards and onto the Hutt ship. Krev wreaks havoc on the Hutt ship as quickly as possible.Krev sneaks off the ship and back into the maintenance tunnels. Krev tells Galen he has stalled the Hutt ship (Krev estimates 1 week).

This heroic feat, may buy the group more time to acquire the critical information on Ralgador's data pad, but the outcome is uncertain at minimum. With feuding politics on the space station unresolved, and muddled alliances all around- how will the group choose to move forward?

This is where we leave off…

Episode 8- Combat Effective

The players start off about mid way into the "Abandoned" ship repair facility in Hub 3 of Wallas Landing Space Station. They have strong circumstantial evidence that both the Rakghoul plague threatening the space station and the artifacts stolen from Ralgador by Titto's gang are likely located here.

Having recently dispatched a throng of Rakghoul minions, the group faces several challenges pressing forward into the facility. There are the intermittently malfunctioning blast doors leading into a centrally located intermediate bay, guarded by two turrets at the far end. Behind those is a massive Rakghoul Enforcer taunting them with Nara's brother Rooke at his feet. To their left a tunnel to a chemical storage area that leads to the intermediate bay is filled with hazardous chemicals- with Galen and junk droid Hulk positioned for action. To their right, a fuel bay with Rakghoul Jawa and minoc- welded shut door.

The enforcer acts first and charges forward toward his metallic opponents in the Chemical bay- despite taking blaster fire from the turrets. He stands toe to toe with Crystalina's junk droid Hulk.  During this time Roger B2 battle droid with his dark vision can make out an Astromech welding on top of the space ship at the other end of the intermediate bay. With so many obstacles/threats  in their path the group decides to attempt to hack the ship repair facilities holonet one more time. This time Nara hands Krev her data pad with 4 computer spikes available. Crev then orders his junk droid Alex into the chemical storage room to help hold off the brutish Rakghoul.

The rest of the group orders the space station security squad to move forward and fire down the intermediate bay through the malfunctioning blast doors. B2 battle droid Roger then eyes an Asian? human with a light saber ascend the side ramp of the space ship in the launch bay. Galen retreats from the chemical storage room, but is smashed by the Rakghoul brute as he does so- taking heavy damage.  Crystalina dons a breathing mask and heads into the the chemical bay to assist in battle. The Rakghoul brute is grappled by the powerful arms of the aptly name junk droid Hulk- he is temporarily immobilized. Moments later however the beast shrugs off the grapple and closes the door behind him- to focus on the targets before him..

In the rear processing area Krev uses one data spike to start the hacking process of the repair facility computer, and moves it from unfriendly to indifferent. The security team shoots at the turrets, but two have blaster fire redirected back into the processing. Guard 3 inadvertently shoots himself due to the intermittently closing blast doors… Roger moves to the hazmat room to join in the assault on the Rakghoul brute. Nara joins Krev on the catwalk. Galen scopes the crane (immobile without reach to the malfunctioning door) on his way to the other catwalk. 

Krev continues his hacking efforts, launching another computer spike that upgrades the computer status to Friendly :-) . Alex attacks the Rakghoul dealing out marginal damage.  The security team continues firing, guard 1 critically fails, and falls prone to be crushed by the door.. over and over- his head is puree..  Roger attacks the Rakghoul with his blaster dealing out significant damage. Hulk grapples the Rrakghoul a third time; while Crystalina uses Battle Strike on the Rakghoul- but then misses her attack slash. The Rakghoul then proceeds to puke bile and vomit all over her- she feels what is likely the Rakghoul plague enter through her eyes..

Nara assists Krev at the computer console.  Galen arrives at the computer terminal on the second catwalk and radios Krev to grant access as an authorized user- he does not have time however.. No one in the rear of the group notices two light saber wielding individuals emerge from maintenance access grates next to the trash compactor behind them.

One of them force moves a large metal ingot to smash Krev busy at the computer terminal for substantial damage- knocking him prone. The second has time to move into position next to Galen on the other catwalk before the group looks around and takes notice. Krev desperately responds from his prone position on the mezzanine at the force user with defensive blaster fire- scoring a hit on his attackers shoulder.  The two remaining security guards target the dark force user heading toward Galen- both miss horribly. Nara heals Krev using an auto-bacta injector. Roger slips in the rak-vomit and goes prone. 

Cornered, virtually alone, and heavily wounded atop the mezzanine, Galen moves forward in an act of Heroic personal defense from his light saber wielding attacker. He charges and injects the the force user with a syringe full of poison to the heart- the force adept drops dead on the spot. Crystalina now infected and angered uses the force to  smash the Rakghoul brute, her energy is critically focused and bounces the beast of the side of the space station wall with immense power. He explodes in a pile of gore and rot- unfortunately droids Hulk and Alex were caught in the path, and Alex dies, while Hulk is heavily wounded.

The remaining attacker force moves the ingot another time, and hits Nara for significant damage, as he yells out tauntingly, “You will all die at the hands of Chan Anreth!” Krev operates the crane to try to move the airfoil the last adversary is hiding behind, but it is not powerful enough to move the large object. Security squad attempts to flank Chan, but miss clumsily. Nara attempts to shoot at Chan from her elevated Poston, but critically fails. Roger runs back to her aid in processing area. Galen pulls out his heavy blaster pistol and opens up on Chan, but misses. 

Crystalina and Hulk rush back to processing to join the fray; and arrive just in time to see Chan smashing Roger with a large ingot. Krev uses the terminal to vent Fuel storage into space, attempting to eliminate the threat of Rakghoul Jawa igniting entire area..  One security member hits Chan with blaster fire, which tries to block with his light saber- taking a hit to the chest. The ingot of destruction drops to the floor. Nara shoots with heavy blaster and misses. Roger advances and fires in Full Auto mode, Chan deflects the portion of the incoming bolts that would have hit him with his light saber. 

Galen climbs off the catwalk and sprints across the room to aid Krev and Nara.  Crystalina chucks a carbonite grenade at Chan, and barely misses him- the square next to Chan fills with smoking carbonite. Hulk advances towards the enemies covered position with intent on melee. Chan comes out swing his light saber and strike decisively to drop the junk droid Hulk into a pile of parts..  Roger uses projectile hand in an attempt to disarm Chan, but misses. Nara fires her blaster once again, but misses. Galen scales the catwalk and positions himself between Krev and Nara, and uses a MedPack on Krev- healing him back to full health.  

Crystaling charges forward to attack Chan, but her incoming blow is agilely blocked. Chan responds by holding his hand up to her face, whispering, "You should run away Jedi.." She is overcome with irrational fear, and flees at full speed- Chan attempts to back stab her, but clumsily misses his dastardly attack. 

Krev uses a computer spike on the holonet terminal, and the Repair facility computer is now helpful :-D .  Security moves into position and fires. One security member gets blaster fire up to Chan, who just deflects the shots back, which kills that guard. Roger fires his blaster, and Chan redirects the shots back, for 5 HP damage. Nara misses her shot at Chan. Galen gets off the catwalk and takes partial cover by the base of the crane. 

Chan forcefully tickles Roger with his light saber; cutting him in half- he is now spare parts. Krev fires his heavy blaster pistol, but misses Chan. Security fires, and misses. Nara chucks a frag grenade- chunks of shrapnel lodge into Chan. Galen misses with blaster fire. Crystalina is trapped by fear in the chemical storage bay. Chan advances on the final security guard with dreadful intent. The guard fires wildly and misses. Nara lines up her sites at her distracted opponent and fires, striking him in the head with a solid blaster bolt. He slumps to the ground, seemingly motionless- a pool of blood forms around his head. 

Krev remotely shuts down the turrets from the now helpful computer, while Galen inspects Chan's body. On it he finds a semi octagonal cube with a glowing, purple eye that is oozing a tan organic mass of tendrils. He stores the item in his internal compartment while the rest of the group goes about their business- but informs them later of the find.

Crystalina mean while is now the vanguard of the group, and comes across Rooke's limp barely breathing body- pulsating heat with fever, and pale. Without further sensing her feelings or consulting the force she decides to exterminate his life. She presses her boot against his neck until he stops breathing. The cold and thoughtless way she acted quickly sends a surge of dread and darkness moving through her- the dark side senses her presence..

As she turns away in a confused state, she does notice Rooke's body rise up behind her. She senses his presence, and whirls around to see Rooke standing face to face with her- his head slumped to the side, eyes blood shot and lifeless.. She quickly withdrawls, and radios for the group to turn the turrets back on; retreating into the chemical storage room and closing the door. Rakghoul Rooke pursues and opens the door. Crystalina closes it again, withdrawls further, and closes a second door- as the turrets are turned on.

Krev pulls up the security footage of the bay to see turret blaster fire bouncing off Rookes fancy Mandalorian armor. Rooke moves forward once again, activating his light saber and opening the door to face Crystalina- the are toe to toe. Crystalina pulls a carbonite grenade from her belt and summons the power of her destiny as she lofts it at the ghoul. He attacks with a vicous blow, dealing massive damage to the Jedi- but she stands strong. The carbonite grenade strikes him in the upper chest and explodes into a cloud of super cooled gas. When the smoke clears he is now a statue, holding a light saber in Mandalorian armor. 

After combat Crystalina is taken to Aramist Medical to get treatment for the plague with the remaining security guard. Galen converses with Krev to find out the cube is likely the most interesting of Ralgadors missing artifacts. Nara finds a hover lift to haul her brothers statue with, and intends to take him to Aramist.

Krev uses holonet terminal to inspect final room of Repair facility. Krev learns there is a command and control room for the bay beneath the floor the ship is on. The controls are for doors and an external arm. There appears to be a lab. He scans the computer data files to learn the ship has been here a long time and was battle damaged. It needs landing leg, nav computer, some structural repairs. There is an astromech is still working on the hull. It was named Vitus Or, and the owner is unknown- it is a Citadel Class Cruiser (Starships 70). 

This is where we leave off..








Episode 7- Into the Fray

The group started off after having recently demolished a group of Rakghouls that emerged and where overrunning a security checkpoint of Wallas Landing Space Station. Having exerted such little effort in the combat the group quickly regrouped and decided to set out to quell the Rakghoul plague threatening to overrun the space station.

Galen accesses the now familiar space station holonet to gather information of the source of the Rakghouls. There are no security cameras in the maintenance access tunnels, but all evidence from previous encounters with them points to the source being the "Abandoned" space ship repair facility in hub 3. The group begins moving that way. Nara the Noble/Diplomat of the group contacts the Maintenance Union and Zix Wheems in route and implores them to provide supporting forces to help the group save the space station from being overrun.

Both are highly resistant to the idea with Zix providing a token show of force with a squad of 3 recruits, and the Maint. Union leader Crix Tosh only agree to provide 1 junk droid at cost. She then contacts the Voz Crea in a gambit to garner more support, but they cut her off and jam her transmission. None of them seem to take the threat seriously, and maybe have ulterior motives. Non the less the group moves forward.

As they debate waiting for their backup squad from Zix Wheems to arrive, Nara recieves a quick telepathic message from her brother Rooke, "Nara HELP ME!!". Crystalina senses the force in the area and he is also in hub 3. She cannot pin point his exact location, but it is on the far edge of the space station. The group senses some urgency and start to move more quickly.

As they approach the entrance to the ship repair facility in hub 3 they note a computer terminal and maintenance access grates in the floor. Galen moves to hack the unfriendly computer and sends his pit droid Pip to seal off all maintenance access ports with his arc welder. Galen quite skillfully hacks the ship repair facility holonet and moves it to an indifferent attitude- where he has access to basic information. Later attempts to hack prove less successful- if only there was a easier way…

Galen having accessed a map of the areas general floor plan sends pip around a corner to the area labeled "Admin". He notes a camera watching a secure door, and another maint. access port- Pip seals it as well. Pip, Krev, Alex, and Roger move towards the door and dismantle the locking mechanism. They then move in cautiously. In the cluttered dark office area they spot an unmoving body at the far end of a narrow room. Upon further inspection he appears to be some sort of deseased scoundrel. They remove his un-neaded possessions.

Upon detailed inspection they find a hidden floor safe under a fancy desk. Galen sends Pip to open it, but the droid is too hasty and does not see the shaped explosive security charge defending it. He is blown to little metal bits as he tries to pick the lock- there is a brief moment of silence. Then the group moves to the other interior door that lead to the rest of the repair facility. Galen again accesses the computer and scans the room. It is dark, so he turns on the lights.

Inside from the camera he sees several Rakghouls roaming aimlessly about a scrap area. There is a crane mechanism, trash compactor, and assorted debris all around the large room. Up on two mezzanines are 4 Jawas in pairs of 2. The groups moves to devise an attack plan. Galen attempts to access more in the computer system using access codes from the safe, but is booted for using codes above his permission level- the computer returns to unfriendly.

After a quick discussion the group decides to attack in a timed two pronged manner. The droids will open the interior door to the area, while the rest of the group will pause for a few moments before opening the main blast doors.

The attack goes off fairly well, they do not catch their opponents by surprise, but they do have a solid tactical advantage in numbers, capabilities, and communication throughout the battle. The only players that had any real threat through the entire battle where the junk droid Alex and the already wounded Galen. Though they quickly took a back seat in the battle as more capable allies moved in. The Rakghoul brutes moved slowly, hindered by rough terrain and were easily blasted and smashed each round.

The Jawas faired slightly better from behind their covered mezzanines. They threatened the group slightly, but were eventually subdued, a good part to Crystalina's use of the force to smash them with move object, and close the distance gap with surge. Eventually a sole Jawa remained with Crystalina toe to toe with him. He jumped off his perch and quickly fled into a nearby tunnel toward a fuel storage area.

The group let him run, and decided to dispose of the bodies by putting them in the trash compactor- fearing they would reanimate again as Rakghouls. Then they moved to search a nearby tool/storage area. Upon opening the door they were startled by a trio on Minocs, but they quickly fly away. The group searches the room to find a nearly complete parts kit for a Tie Fighter (only weapons missing). They then search two of the three approaches to the furthest out area in the ship repair facility.

First they move to the fuel storage area. Here they encounter the Jawa that had fled earlier. He tries to deter them by opening caustic fuel storage tanks- filling the area with highly volatile chemicals. The group debates blasting or blowing him up briefly, before coming to their senses. They then move to the central approach which is a set of malfunctioning blast doors intermittently slamming open and closed. As Roger peers inside he can see two turrets scanning from the far end of the long room. In the third flanking approach, a chemical storage area- they find there is a leaky chemical tank spewing out chemicals hazardous to any organic individuals. 

They smartly send in the droids. As the droids search the area they find one door leading into a central intermediate bay that they have seen on the map that contains the turrets. Galen again bravely volunteer to open the door and toss a frag grenade at the turrets. As he opens the door he immediately take a round of blaster fire. He tosses his grenade, a the far turret, but cannot assess the damage as he closes the door swiftly- heavily wounded he retreats. 

Roger peers into the area from the malfunctioning blast doors to access the damage to the turret. As he does so he see the blast doors at the other end open. A massive hulking ghoulish figure emerges, and throws the crumpled body of Nara's brother Rooke onto the floor in front of the nearby turrets- maniacally laughing out load, "MORE MEAT!!" Roger intently scans for signs of life on Rooke- he appears to be barely breathing.

This is where we leave off…


Episode 6- Pathogens and Plots

The group starts off in the market district of Hub 4 of Wallas Landing Space Station having recently done some trading. They casually decided to utilize the unique skill set of their new group member the Human Scoundrel Crev- to upgrade the physical capabilities of Roger B2 battle droid. Soon afterward they notice scrolling text around the space station video monitors with reports of a deadly and uncontrolled pathogen making its way around the space station- security is warning everyone report any severe illnesses, set a curfew, and is maintaining checkpoints.

Crev having recently been cured of the infection that turns those afflicted into ghoulish monsters- asks Medical Droid Galen to determine if he is immune. The disease is not common, and Galen is unsure- but decides to do more research at the earliest possible convenience. They then reevaluate their list of priorities and decide to follow up on the maintenance unions second in command. With no leads on his exact whereabouts they decide to make their way back the the maintenance area of the core where the previous ghoul slaughter had taken place.

As they cautiously make their way into the now decaying room filled with corpses they can overhear loud industrial sounds coming from the one direction away from the room they have not explored- nearby. Most of the group decides to stack and burn the bodies while the others stand guard. Eventually the noises nearby can clearly be interpreted as some sort of manufacturing and the group moves in to investigate.

They open the unlocked door (no lock) and it zips open to reveal a 30 meter by 30 meter room with a pair of large blast doors on the other end- and a small gun port about human height. They send in the pit droid pip to knock, and ready their weapons. A few seconds after knocking the gun port opens quickly and a male on the other side yells out, "Go away, we're locked down. Maintenance Union personnel only!" They search the area for cameras, air vents, or a terminal- but none are to be found. 

Undeterred Galen decides to covertly fashion himself a human costume from the head/skin of on of the female human corpse they were about to set aflame. He returns quickly and attempts to dupe the guards asking for help in a horribly performed display. The guard is mortified by the bloody skin wearing droid before him muttering, "What the fuck…?" The gun port shuts again before the group hears from the other side, "Check this out.." And another set of eyes appears on the other side-then it closes again. Jedi Crystalina seeing this is going nowhere attempts to intervene a little too late and quite unconvincingly running in yelling, "Help us, there's monsters out here!" The door remains closed.

Crev seeing the very unimpressive debacle his new teammates are performing tells Galen to loose the skin mask and get his shit together. While all this is going on everyone into group except Roger fails to notice a couple of ghoulish Jawa's creeping up on their position. Galen is first to act: He misses his shot with his heavy blaster pistol and sends his pit droid Pip in to run cover for the humanoids in the group (knowing these Jawas are likely infected with the plague). They quickly realize that having two droids fight Jawas with ion weapons was a bad idea- as delicate Pip is dropped in a shot, and Roger takes heavy damage.

The rest of the group charges in to take out the hideous creatures! Crystalina moves in and attempts to force push one of the Jawas but he is stouter than expected and stands strong. Nara approaches firing her blaster- wounding one of the creatures. It charges Crystalina, but misses badly. The Jawa in the rear near a door quickly takes off down the maintenance tunnels, and the other is dispatched by automatic blaster fire from Roger. 

The group decides to hunker down in the area and make repairs to their droids. Several hours later they notice a Cerean in a fancy engineer uniform and three junky looking battle droids emerge from the double doors. They appear armed and ready, but not hostile. As they approach Crystalina tells him of the infected and the Jawas they just encountered, the Cerean seems un-phased. He introduces himself as Crix Tosh and says that they are aware of the plague and have been locked down because of it.

Nara makes her way into the conversation and explains they are looking for the Union Leader and that they found him dead. Crix is very aware of this and solemnly notes that it gave him an instant promotion. Nara persuades him that they need to talk in private. He admits them entry, but wants the droids to stay outside. The group agrees as long as they can lock the entry way door and they can have help repairing their droids. Crix agrees and sends several droids to setup a lock on the door, and repair the droids.

Inside the group is disarmed and led through the foundry foyer past several well armed Gamorean guards. Inside they see an industrious foundry operation, in which they quickly deduce this is some sort of droid assembly line. A couple dozen workers and engineers are working diligently at blast furnaces, cranes, and piles of droid scraps and raw materials. They are led into a small office in the center of the operation. Crix enters with Nara and Crystalina, his droids waiting outside with Crev and Crystalina. 

Inside he quickly gets to business asking, "Why have you come to my operation?" Nara explains that, "We were sent by Zix Weems to restore the maintenance of the space station". Crix replies, “I had feared so." and sarcastically asks, "What does the Elite LORD Proprietor Weems want!?”

Nara explains that he want to negotiate a restoration of union operations to keep the space station operational. Crix laughs this off bitterly. He tells the group that Zix does not want to restore anything, he has been trying to oust them since he recently bought the space station. He explains that Zix is a member of the Verpine race that inhabits the surrounding Roche Asteroid field- he has been doing everything possible to pressure the Union to leave. But most of the Union has been here for generations and refuses to be pressured into leaving their home. They know he wants to replace them with the Verpine hive workers. They have chosen to stay and resist his facist pressure at all costs.  

He also notes that Zix has been rumored to be running human trafficking operations off the station- either as slaves or research specimens. When pressed by Nara he cannot produce evidence, but says that the, "The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.." Crix Tosh asks Nara how working for Zix has been. Nara says no problems yet. Nara deceives Crix by saying Zix is paying each of the group 10,000 (actually 5000cr) credits to restore Union functions on the station.

Crix offers a lucrative reward of 12000cr and a permanent place for the group on the station if the group can perform a task for him. The Union plans to forcibly take over the space station.  He states, "Operations aren't yet complete, and we (the Union) need a few key things. He wants the group to infiltrate the Core stronghold and temporarily bring down Zix's holonet- this will bring down defenses. Or he says they can bring down station reactor (which may also kill holonet)."

Nara attempts to weave a web asking for money upfront without fully committing to the tasks at hand, and suggests a ruse. The maintenance union could pretend to bring up the stations functions for a time..? Crix says all his resources are maxed out, especially with the recent death of so many of his people at the hands of the ghouls. Crix offers 2500cr up front, but no more. Crev and Crystalina negotiate for a droid and Crix agrees to spare one- but the cost will be deducted from their pay.. Nara also inquires about a ship saying Zix was going to provide one to them. Crix laughs this off as a fools wage- suggesting he was never going to give them a ship..

After negotiations are settled the group decides to follow up on their contact Mentaka for further information. She appears to be out and unreachable- probably performing work for the group. They then search the data pad from the recently deceased Jawa ghoul- only to find loads of Jawa porn and Space Angry Birds video games.. They then spend some of their new acquired creds on upgrades and equipment.

After departing the merchant district once more, they over hear screams and see a nearby security checkpoint being overrun by ghoulish humanoids! Civilians run from the site, screaming for help. The group for a second or two contemplates leaving the task of countering the ghoul threat to space station security- before coming to their senses and engaging the menace.

Having encountered this threat before the group uses their knowledge of the ghouls and sends the droids Roger, Galen, Crev's Junk droid, and Pip into the front lines- toe to toe with the enemy (No worries about plague to droids..) They engage three ghouls at the security check point barricade. The rest of the group follows up cautiously. Soon they note stray ghouls attacking nearby civilians away from the party.

One ghoul drops clumsily over the barricade and is dispatched quickly by Roger, while two more emerge from a nearby maintenance tunnel. Seeing this the lone remaining security lieutenant makes a tactical retreat (runs away shitting himself) having seen his hardy soldiers dropped so quickly.. The group blasts and beats many of the ghouls down slowly, hampered by the limited means of movement and rotting flesh wall. Unfortunately they down the front of ghouls just as two others are killing civilians. They can only take swift revenge on the two ghouls after they have killed. 

Crystalina pursues the security lieutenant for information, but he seems unwilling to stop. In a rash gambit she force pushes him into a wall- splattering his brains all over the ground. The group wisely mesh tapes the two civilians downed by the ghouls and takes them to Aramist medical for treatment. Medical droid Galen during all of the action decides to gather some medical specimens and hack saws open one of the ghouls head- dripping his slimy brains into viles..

After scavenging the bodies the group takes a breath to regroup and contemplate the happenings on the space station. This is where we leave off..






Episode 5- Down With the Sickness

The group started off having recently resupplied at Hub 4 (Commerce District) of Wallas Landing Space station. They decide to make their way toward the Commons housing sector of Hub1 to ascertain information from the information broker/grifter Mintaka. They make their way to The Core and take the passenger elevator down to the first level- The Commons.

The glass window of the elevator reveals 200 meters more of housing and facilities below them that compromise 2 other housing sectors (Prima Air Suites and Emory Abode), and the command and control sections of the space station. Outside is a expansive view of space and the Roche Asteroid Belt, with ships coming and going to the station.

Upon their arrival the group tries to determine the best means to locate Mintaka, and Roger B2 battle droid uses his enhanced sensor package to percieve the surrounding area. He picks up on what sounds like a Twilek female and gambling activities behind the closest housing to their left. As they approach they spot two Rodian guards in an alley way- apparently unarmed.

The guards see the approaching group, and one of them tells the party, “private event, no admittance” . The group inquires about gambling, and the guards tell them it's a 300cr fee to play- to, "Keep out the riff raff.. If you can't afford that, you don't need to play here." Galen quickly agrees to pay the measly fee, and move the group towards their goal.

They move past the guards and into a well traveled alleyway leading into a dilapidated court yard that has been set up as a semi-permanent casino. They notice a Twilek female atop a dry fountain in the center hosting a game of Sabacc. Being the only Female Twilek in the area, Galen attempts to get her attention asking, "Are you Mistress Mintaka?" She laughs in his face at the title, and tells him, "Mistress, I haven't heard that before! I'm running a game here."

Crystalina and Nara decide to join in on the game of chance and take their seat around the fountain. They ante up the 50cr buy in and play a hand. They lose badly the first round; seeing a Ewok rake in the pot. The second round of play Crystalina has a strong hand but loses again to the Ewok with a ridiculously improbable hand. The third round goes down the same with both players losing their 50cr, but Galen notices the dealer using sleight of hand to deal a hot deck- and records it.

During a shuffle Nara asks to talk to Mentaka in private. Nara mentions needing info and being willing to pay. Mentaka calls an extended break and agrees to meet. Mentkka asks how Nara and Crys learned about her, and they quickly reply that she has information brokers all around the station. She replies, "Good help is hard to find.." 

Nara asks Mentaka about the expedition she was set to be on. Mentaka agrees to tell them all about it for 4000cr- information is her business after all. Nara persuades her to elaborate on the quality of the information. Mentaka was at the classified briefing prior the the expedition launch to map out a new space lane past the Hutt bloackade, and knows about the return de-brief. She says she knows, “all about Dardalez Prime, the coalition, and Ralgador". Nara and Crystalina use the knowledge about her cheating to persuade down for a lower info cost- Galen, after all, has video.

Minaka reluctantly agrees to their terms and starts by saying she, "Never intended to go on the expedition, but signed up to get into the briefing. Forged documents, background, and a cover story. She shadowed Ralgador when he returned, eves dropping on a conversation. She learned that they had mapped a space lane – got around Hutt blockade. And that when they jumped to get back, the jump erred and they ended up in unknown territory and mapped a new region they named Dardalez Prime. The fleet came under attack in this new region and jumped back – limping – to Walas Landing".

Nara and Crystalina continue to pry for information from Mintaka, and find out Nara's brother Ruke is a lieutenant in the Voz Crea with a new squad and mission, the Maintenance Union is isolated in the service areas of the space station, and that she has may or may not have been monitoring the group.

Finally they hire Mintaka to break into the Aramist Medical Facility and steal a surgical kit and chemical/biological agents for Galen- at the price of 5000cr, 2500 up front. Getting ready to leave Nara suggest a blood pact with Mintaka, but she suggests something just as intimate- Nara and Crystalina decline- and depart awkwardly. After exiting the area Nara contacts her Voz Crea agent Fred to look out for info about her brother Ruke.

Worried about a handshake from Mentaka, Nara has Galen medically exam her hand for any abnormalities. He is 99.8% sure she is fine. The group moves on to find Ralgador at his suit in the PrimaAir Housing area in the core. They pass some angsty looking space station security forces on their way there, and Crystalina crop dusts them with flatulents..

The group heads to the elevator, and goes down to third housing level. They hack the space station security system and find Ralgadors suite number. Upon arrival they realize they need an access code on elevator door to gain entry to the area.

They buzz for Ralgador, who answers. The droids match his voice to their brief encounter at Aramist Medical Facility. As the group approaches his suites they see visual indicators of the Voz Crea (VC) attack- blaster burn marks and blood trails all around the entry way. They video conference with the Gorith (Tall, yellow, lengthy, bird/beak headed) diplomat and gain entry to his luxurious suite by verifying Naras credentials.  

Inside the suite, Ralgador is welcoming. He tells the group the VC showed up shortly after he returned. He mentions his security turrets did their jobs. Ralgador says the expedition sucessfully mapped a new space lane around the Hutt blockade, but had some problems after. The Hutts picked up on the fleet on the edges of the Outer Rim. They hastily attempted hyperjump, and landed the fleet in an unknown region.

Galen and Pip inquire about more details of the jump. They think Ralgador's heavily damaged ship would have coordinates of the initial bad jump. Ralgador doesn't know how the Hutt forces found them. The expedition surveyed the region and about a dozen planets – unitl they were approached by object at high speed. It slowed at the last moment, and did not respond to hails. Without warning, it attacked escort vessels. Ralgador's ship might be the only one that returned. This next hastily plotted jump resulted in more damage. Ralgador's mechanic Olos Nnah is repairing his ship in the space doc (hub 1).

Crystalina asks about tracking devices on Ralgador's ship. He responds that, "They had not thought to look", and thanks her for the idea. He notes in his recanting that one of the planets that they named Imirial had an interesting feature. A site that one of his team noted had a strong distrubance in the force- Ralgador conveys that he also felt a darkness and fear about the site.

The group learns that Orgas Din, Crystalinas master went on an expedition to investigate the odd location. The transport that went to the planet returned with a single droid pilot and loads of blood. One type of blood matched Orgas, and the other was of unknown origin. There were also some objects that came back with the transport.

Sadly Ralgador admits he carried the artifacts on his person on his way back to his suite upon his arrival at the space port, and was robbed. He describes his attackers as a Gamorrhean and black-skinned human (Tito?). These men took the artifacts and this incident landed Ralgador in Aramist medical facility.

Ralgador asks if the group can help him get back his artifacts back. He offers them assistance in the form of – a human named Crev Vanis. Crev is Ralgadors's highly trusted security chief. Introductions are made all around as Crev joins the party. Crev is a scarred, rugged, strong, and middle-aged- he appears to have some experience under his belt.

Galen asks for Pip to get security clearance to his ship. Ralgador hands over a security access card to the droid. He tells them, “Contact Olos Nnah, my pilot, before you access my ship”. Pip holds the security card.

With that they depart Ralgadors home and decide to pursue their mission to take out the Maintenance Union Leader they know is in the service area of the space station. They head back to hub 1 and go under 'ground'. As they approach the make shift camp area where the maintenance union was set up before they see the door ajar, and faint flickering light coming from within.

The scoundrel Crev decides to scout out the large circular room on his own, ahead of the party. He sees carnage, mangled, decaying bodies with dried blood all around. As he scouts out the area he hears something coming down the hallway in the corridor leading to hub 3, but does bot notify the party. He takes cover next to what he thinks is a dead body- but is actually the still alive, ill Duros maintenance union leader.

As he is searching the Duros, he is shocked to see a disfigured, scaly, bulging eyed, figure in a purple suite attempting to attack him. The hideous creature misses Crev with his gnarled claws. But bites into him soon after with his jagged teeth. Crev immediately feels some sort of infectious agent course through his veins. The rest of the group begins rushing to his aid from the hub 1 corridor.

They make their way piece meal toward the encounter. During this time Crev is knocked unconscious by the monstrous humanoid.  Cystalina is the first to come to his aid, and charges in, then agilely tumbles to strike her foe with a Jedi Battle Strike. She inflicts massive damage on the hideous creature; nearly splitting him in two- but he does not fall. After a few moments, the wounded Duros Leader transforms into a mangled creature at starts to attack the group.

Nara quickly joins the fray along with Roger B2 battle droid. They inflict damage of their own and heal up Crev who regains consciousness- with solid tactical maneuvering. The two ghoulish foes are blasted and slashed to death. But one more emerges from hub 3 and is quickly sensed and dispatched as well. Galen moving slowly due to his heavy armor, inspects most of the dead bodies in the room for signs of life and gear.

After combat the group hears some movement in a nearby air vent; they boldly move in to inspect. Crystalina force moves the vent cover off, and Roger and Nara move in to inspect. Inside they find a small Duros child. He is terrified for his life, and recants the happenings of the slaughter before weeping for his dead father. They contact space station command and have the boy removed, before moving on.

The group proceeds to attempt to cure Crev and searches the area for valuables. They find random gear and weapons on the dead bodies and a safe. As they attempt to search it, Crevs sickness worsens. He disables the security mechanism- setting off a trap in the process. He is now however severely ill. Galens treatment efforts seem futile, and they decide to transport him to Aramist Medical for advanced medical services.

They facility request 5000cr for his treatment- due to the complicated equipment and expertise required to develop a cure for his bacterial infection. Galen gladly pays, but the cure is a one time expense. Aramist has proprietary claim to the bacteria and the cure.

The group concludes by selling all the scavenged gear, distributing credits, and checking in with Galen's droid inspecting Ralgador's Century Hawk. The ship is completely intact other than the irreparable hyperdrive.

This is where we leave off..






Episode 4- Moving On Up

The group started off after their recent battle, in which they quite effectively destroyed a Voz Crea mercenary squad. Correctly deducing that either space station security forces or more Voz Crea were on the way they decide to move quickly. Nara smartly relocates the group to a nearby empty room; using her recently acquired data pad/computer spike to gain entry. Galen heads out to the Cantina bar area in an attempt to gather information about Diplomat Ralgadors whereabouts.

He roams the bar, and ease drops on conversations. With all the battles and commotion on the space station recently- loose drunk talk was easy to come by. He overhears two low lives drunken banter. One mentions having passed up valuable information and regrets it, now that the Voz Crea are having their plans to take Ralgador disrupted. Twi-lek Mentakka has been trying to sell information, and had some knowledge of Ralgadors recent mission to Dardalez Prime.

Galen chats the two up; one is a obese unkempt Basalisk, and the other a shady human looking grifter. They seem amicable to offer up information for a lowly 50cr. He gives Galen details on the whereabouts of the Twi-lek female (Usually at the Cantina or in an alley next to her apartment in the commons). During his time there he overhears some Cantina patrons going off- something about security has them rattled. With that information in hand he returns to the group.

They decide that due to Roger's (B2 battle droid) less than incognito appearance the group should split up with Galen and Nara attempting to make their way to The Commons to follow up their lead on Mentakka- while Crystalina and the Roger remain in the room. As Nara and Galen exit the room they quickly notice security forces setting up check points- and bravely try their luck/skill at making their way past. Their confidence bolstered by digital scrolling text sign that incorrectly describes the group (thanks to their recent hacking efforts), and maybe a little high on the recent victory in battle..

They decide to make their way to the left of the two security check points being set up, and in line Galen notices the Transdoshan security captain he has encountered before. Knowing that there is a good chance to be recognized he decides to call attention to a nearby nervous looking woman heading away from the checkpoint. Security responds and interrogates the woman, but she quickly talks her way out of the ordeal.

As Galen makes his way through the checkpoint he is spotted by the captain and attempts to talk his way out of it. He fumbles his deception check and is taken prisoner (though the restraining bolt they place on him does not work on heuristic droids)- he plays along. Nara is next in line, and seeing her ally taken into custody alarms her.

She quickly tries to distract the guards also by pointing out a nearby person- but one who fits the description of the terrorists security is looking for. Two security guards begin to interrogate the individual, but Nara's subterfuge efforts are also fruitless. She soon feels a rifle pressed against her back. Again it is the Transdoshan security captain. As he takes her into custody he tells her, "You've been chatting quite a bit with your droid friend over there- you really should use encrypted comms.."

Back at the room Roger senses three bipedal beings in heavy armor approaching, and he and Crystalina exit their room. Their squad leader calls out,  "Stop! She fits the description.” Crystalina replies “Eat a dick!” multiple times. All three guards open fire, but miss badly. Roger turns and kills 2 of 3 guards. The third yells into comm “We need backup! They've got automatic weapons!”  As Crystalina and Roger exit the heavily damaged hallway into the corridor, they see the two Security check points outside the Cantina.

The Transdoshan Captain calls out, “We have your comrades. Drop your weapons and surrender!” Crystalina and Roger have no intentions of surrender and start tossing frag grenades killing security forces and civilians by the half dozen. Seeing that they are in a cross fire and have a heavy cannon behind a barricade pointed at them they smartly seek out the maintenance access tunnels.

As they descend they are hotly pursued by the captain and the remaining squad leader from the Cantina. After a quick exchange of fire, low on hit points the two flee- eluding their foes. Nara and Galen are escorted the the security command center comm room. 

Once there they are met over video conference by Elite Proprietor Zix Wheems, a grasshopper looking Verpine in gaudy robes and background setting. He implores his prisoners that he has use for them, but they must convince their friends to surrender. Which the two do, and turn themselves into a security checkpoint in Hub 1.

After the group is assembled in security HQ, Zix re-introduces himself as the sole owner/operator/commander of the Wallas Landing Space Station. He informs them that he has allowed the party some latitude to evaluate our strengths. Zix wants them off the station. He then hints that he Ralgador is a powerful enough diplomat that he does not interfere with his affairs. 

Zix says he has a problem: The Maintenance Union is on strike and has been for months. The station is falling into disrepair. He wants the group to find a way to eliminate the leader of the Union. He informs them that they will be rewarded 5000cr and a transport space craft if they can accomplish this task. He also tells them the Voz Crea will give the party a wide berth. Any hostile actions toward them will nullify a cease fire. He also warns them, “If you double cross me, you will not leave this station alive- I promise you!”  The group accepts his proposal and is set free.

Afterwards they go shopping, with Nara having negotiated 2000cr upfront for each party member. She also contacts her agent in the Voz Crea and meets with him. He tells her the Voz Crea are reeling from their recent defeats. He overheard a third squad was defeated trying to apprehend Ralgador at his suite in the Prima Air Suites housing area.

This is where we leave off..







Episode 3- Endeavors in Subterfuge

The group started off in the maintenance tunnels below Hub 3 of Wallas Space Station, with an unconscious Voz Crea recruit as prisoner. They sought out an found a maintenance junction room and set with plans to interrogate him about their knowledge and dealings with the Diplomat Ralgador. 

As they began to set up for their work the prisoner awakened, and began to threaten them. Telling them they, "Didn't know who they were messing with!" and that, "His comrades would come to find him". The group especially Nara was intrigued by his forthrightness and began to pry further with questioning.

He appeared to catch on that an interrogation had begun and promptly began to pucker up. He then tried to covertly give away their position. Galen and Crystalina were quick to pick up on the fact that he was communicating with his allies through his comm-link built into his armor he was still wearing…

The group frantically tried to hash out what to do next- knowing the Voz Crea were likely on the way. They debated a suggestion from Nara to set a trap with a dummy and frag gernade to suprise their foes, but then decided to gather more information. Galen accessed the Space stations cameras through a nearby computer terminal- and found a Voz Crea squad in route to their position.

So they knocked out their prisoner once more and wheeled him through the access tunnel toward the central hub- heading toward the cantina in Hub 1. They noticed a light and figures moving about 75 meters up ahead, but were un-phased. As they moved closer they could make out a large Gamorean guard at partially ajar double doors. He halted them as they came near stating, "This area off limits- Maintenance Union personnel only." His name tag and uniform showed he was at least in appearance a member of the Walas Landing Maintenance Union.

With a mercenary squad close on their tails the group had little time to spare, so Crystalina used the force and a quick swipe of her hand to change his mind. He happily agreed that they were allowed in.

As they entered they could see a make shift camp and storage area with several more Gamoreans lead by a pencil necked Doros. They were interrogating what the group gathered to be a weak sounding Titto Timmons huddled in a tent. But as they look behind them they could see 3 Voz Crea coming down a access ladder 100 meters down the tunnel behind them.

The group pressed on quickly, no time for chit chat! They made their way to the Cantina, secured a room- and brought their prisoner in the backdoor. After securing the prisoner, they began to heal and rest from the last battle. Nara sensed an opprotunity to go shopping.

She made her way to the market district, and found a droid shop named Mechanical Allies. There she was able to procure a shiny new custom B2 battle droid. As she debated a means to disguise the illegal battle droid she spotted the same Voz Crea squad scouting out the area. She quickly made her way out the back door, found some canvas to crudely disguise her new droid and evaded her persuers through a service alley.

The group eventually was all rested healed and back at their room in the cantina. Nara and Galen devised their method for interogation of their prisoner- and set to it. Seeing that the prisoner was a recruit, in a weakened and soiled state- they decide to take a soft route in interrogation. After a little effort they gained the prisoners trust and were able to flip him as a double agent. He was given instructions to report back to Nara when possible.

As they debated how to reintegrate the double agent back into the Voz Crea, knowing he maybe executed for his failed mission on his return- Galen decided to gather more information from a nearby terminal. He successfully hacked the Wallas Security system. He found files that showed they were persons of interest from their last battle, and that the local security in working with the Voz Crea. He also found that Ralgadoor is in the same boat as them. He decided to change their descriptions in the security system to throw them off the groups trail..

As he hammered away on the keyboard he did not hear several armor individuals walk up behind him. He turned to see the 3 Voz Crea standing behind him. Luckily he had had his pit droid remove all his paint to disguise himself- and it was just enough to not be identified. But it mattered little as the squad appeared to already be aware of the groups room.

A close quarters battle quickly errupted. Galen alerted the group to the assault and killed the lights to their area just as fighting kicked off. Nara's battle droid proved to be worth his weight in gold as he dished out punishing, effective blaster fire. Crystalina joined the frey tumbling past one of the Voz Crea blocking the door and into the hallway. She force pushed two of them back 25 meters, slamming them into the doors at the end of the hallway and knocking them prone. 

Fairly quickly the Voz Crea started to toss frag grenades, dealing significant but not life threatening damage to the group. Everyone in the group got in on the action- even the unarmed Galen and his pit droid contributed damage. The battle never truly got out of hand, and the group quickly dispatched the outmatched Voz Crea squad.

They removed the heart of one of the human corpses and gave it to their flipped prisoner with a back story for his return to the Voz Crea- then disposed of the body in a trash chute- earning some darkside points in the process.

This is where we leave off.

Episode 2- All's Well that Ends Well

                Several of the players sat in the crowded Aramist Medical Facility waiting room in Hub 2 of Walas Landing Space Station for the discharge of the Gorith diplomat Ralagor. Medical Droid Galen and Human Jedi Crystalina were unaware of another player waiting for the same person- a Zabrak Noble named Nara.  As they wait two heavily armed and armored individuals in matching crimson armor bust through the front doors!

                They yell out, "Nobody move and nobody gets hurt!" Galen overhears one of the mercenaries speak over his headset comm, "We're in position, target extract in 30 seconds." Galen silently communicates with his droid ally IG-0R to return from repairs in Hub 1 docking bay, and Tau the Kel Dor Scout followed with intrigue.  As they make their way toward the medical facility a tense standoff ensues.

                The player characters do not know if the target the mercenaries are there for is the same diplomat they are waiting for. Several attempts at diplomacy and subterfuge are made to dissuade the carbine wielding assailants to back down, but they appear determined in their mission. After several rounds of maneuvering the players realize they are unaware of the mercenaries goals and frozen in place at gun point.

                Through impressive diplomacy Nara convinces the assailants that the most here are of no threat to them and they allow all those that wish to leave. All but 1 of the non-combatant NPCs take off- the last remains paralyzed with fear, urinating himself. Galen also uses this opportunity to exit the facility- with a mind for an ambush at the front of the building.

                No other players follow suit however, and all wait to see who will be extracted. They don't have to wait long before a commotion is heard from within the hallway of the medical facility. Moments later a door bursts open and a 3rd combatant carrying the diplomat Ralgador over his shoulder. 

                Crystalina quickly uses her Jedi mind trick to make him drop the diplomat. A fierce battle ensues. Blaster fire erupts from all around. But one NPC continues to stand there urinating himself, creating a biological hazard.. Blaster fire destroys much of the room but not much damage is done to anyone for a couple of rounds- 1's and 2's are common.  Eventually IG-0R and Tau arrive and shift the tide of battle in the players favor.

                The diplomat takes off out of sight, not knowing who the players are. One of the mercenaries take off after him. Eventually one of the mercenaries is heavily wounded and surrounded and commits suicide by frag grenade with Cystalina and IG-0R next to him- causing heavy damage. The last combatant seems un-phased and pulls his vibro-axe to engage his enemies.  

                Overall he is sliced, blasted, and then stunned unconscious by Tau. With their enemies subdued the group loots their bodies, looking for evidence and valuables- something has to pay for their adventuring..  Nara uses her knowledge of intergalactic bureaucracy, and determines the assailants were members of the Voz Crea mercenary organization. They are a band of fanatic technology wielding warriors, for sale to the highest bidder.  Soon Galen spots space station security forces approaching outside the medical facility. Not wanting to explain the events that transpired and aware of the security forces disposition they grab their unconscious prisoner and decide to split up.

                Galen, Nara, and Crystalina head toward Hub 3 and "abandoned ship repair facility" to interrogate their new prisoner privately; while IG-0R and Tau head toward Hub 4 and the merchant district to barter. The group at Hub 3 uses their new found access to the Walas Space Station computer system to disable the security camera monitoring the area (thanks to Galen). Once they arrive they hear a loud metallic smashing noise inside a large blast door.                

               Crystilina senses the force around her and detects a powerful darkside presence within. They decide not to enter, and pull up space station schematics, and determine there is a subterranean? service area beneath the space station. They descend down, prisoner in tow.

This is where we leave off..


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