Star Wars Saga Campaign

Episode 7- Into the Fray

The group started off after having recently demolished a group of Rakghouls that emerged and where overrunning a security checkpoint of Wallas Landing Space Station. Having exerted such little effort in the combat the group quickly regrouped and decided to set out to quell the Rakghoul plague threatening to overrun the space station.

Galen accesses the now familiar space station holonet to gather information of the source of the Rakghouls. There are no security cameras in the maintenance access tunnels, but all evidence from previous encounters with them points to the source being the "Abandoned" space ship repair facility in hub 3. The group begins moving that way. Nara the Noble/Diplomat of the group contacts the Maintenance Union and Zix Wheems in route and implores them to provide supporting forces to help the group save the space station from being overrun.

Both are highly resistant to the idea with Zix providing a token show of force with a squad of 3 recruits, and the Maint. Union leader Crix Tosh only agree to provide 1 junk droid at cost. She then contacts the Voz Crea in a gambit to garner more support, but they cut her off and jam her transmission. None of them seem to take the threat seriously, and maybe have ulterior motives. Non the less the group moves forward.

As they debate waiting for their backup squad from Zix Wheems to arrive, Nara recieves a quick telepathic message from her brother Rooke, "Nara HELP ME!!". Crystalina senses the force in the area and he is also in hub 3. She cannot pin point his exact location, but it is on the far edge of the space station. The group senses some urgency and start to move more quickly.

As they approach the entrance to the ship repair facility in hub 3 they note a computer terminal and maintenance access grates in the floor. Galen moves to hack the unfriendly computer and sends his pit droid Pip to seal off all maintenance access ports with his arc welder. Galen quite skillfully hacks the ship repair facility holonet and moves it to an indifferent attitude- where he has access to basic information. Later attempts to hack prove less successful- if only there was a easier way…

Galen having accessed a map of the areas general floor plan sends pip around a corner to the area labeled "Admin". He notes a camera watching a secure door, and another maint. access port- Pip seals it as well. Pip, Krev, Alex, and Roger move towards the door and dismantle the locking mechanism. They then move in cautiously. In the cluttered dark office area they spot an unmoving body at the far end of a narrow room. Upon further inspection he appears to be some sort of deseased scoundrel. They remove his un-neaded possessions.

Upon detailed inspection they find a hidden floor safe under a fancy desk. Galen sends Pip to open it, but the droid is too hasty and does not see the shaped explosive security charge defending it. He is blown to little metal bits as he tries to pick the lock- there is a brief moment of silence. Then the group moves to the other interior door that lead to the rest of the repair facility. Galen again accesses the computer and scans the room. It is dark, so he turns on the lights.

Inside from the camera he sees several Rakghouls roaming aimlessly about a scrap area. There is a crane mechanism, trash compactor, and assorted debris all around the large room. Up on two mezzanines are 4 Jawas in pairs of 2. The groups moves to devise an attack plan. Galen attempts to access more in the computer system using access codes from the safe, but is booted for using codes above his permission level- the computer returns to unfriendly.

After a quick discussion the group decides to attack in a timed two pronged manner. The droids will open the interior door to the area, while the rest of the group will pause for a few moments before opening the main blast doors.

The attack goes off fairly well, they do not catch their opponents by surprise, but they do have a solid tactical advantage in numbers, capabilities, and communication throughout the battle. The only players that had any real threat through the entire battle where the junk droid Alex and the already wounded Galen. Though they quickly took a back seat in the battle as more capable allies moved in. The Rakghoul brutes moved slowly, hindered by rough terrain and were easily blasted and smashed each round.

The Jawas faired slightly better from behind their covered mezzanines. They threatened the group slightly, but were eventually subdued, a good part to Crystalina's use of the force to smash them with move object, and close the distance gap with surge. Eventually a sole Jawa remained with Crystalina toe to toe with him. He jumped off his perch and quickly fled into a nearby tunnel toward a fuel storage area.

The group let him run, and decided to dispose of the bodies by putting them in the trash compactor- fearing they would reanimate again as Rakghouls. Then they moved to search a nearby tool/storage area. Upon opening the door they were startled by a trio on Minocs, but they quickly fly away. The group searches the room to find a nearly complete parts kit for a Tie Fighter (only weapons missing). They then search two of the three approaches to the furthest out area in the ship repair facility.

First they move to the fuel storage area. Here they encounter the Jawa that had fled earlier. He tries to deter them by opening caustic fuel storage tanks- filling the area with highly volatile chemicals. The group debates blasting or blowing him up briefly, before coming to their senses. They then move to the central approach which is a set of malfunctioning blast doors intermittently slamming open and closed. As Roger peers inside he can see two turrets scanning from the far end of the long room. In the third flanking approach, a chemical storage area- they find there is a leaky chemical tank spewing out chemicals hazardous to any organic individuals. 

They smartly send in the droids. As the droids search the area they find one door leading into a central intermediate bay that they have seen on the map that contains the turrets. Galen again bravely volunteer to open the door and toss a frag grenade at the turrets. As he opens the door he immediately take a round of blaster fire. He tosses his grenade, a the far turret, but cannot assess the damage as he closes the door swiftly- heavily wounded he retreats. 

Roger peers into the area from the malfunctioning blast doors to access the damage to the turret. As he does so he see the blast doors at the other end open. A massive hulking ghoulish figure emerges, and throws the crumpled body of Nara's brother Rooke onto the floor in front of the nearby turrets- maniacally laughing out load, "MORE MEAT!!" Roger intently scans for signs of life on Rooke- he appears to be barely breathing.

This is where we leave off…



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