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Episode 9- Hutt, Hacking, and High Explosives

 The group starts off split up after defeating the dark side force user Chan Areth, his initiate apprentice, and a massive Rakghoul brute. They have acquired one of Ralgador's artifacts, a multi-faceted object with organic looking tendrils emerging out of a glowing center. Though still, many of their primary objectives are still unresolved including, finding Ralgdor's remaining artifacts and data pad that contains the star map to and of Dardelez Prime.

Krev and Galen decide to head down into the control room area below the docking bay of the "abandoned" ship repair facility. As they descend the stairs into the control room- a faint light from large viewing windows illuminates a part of the room. They can make out dusty control panels with finger prints and signs of a untrained users operating them.  The smells of freshly charred flesh, burned metal, and rotting decay permeate from all around the room. The next thing that catches their eyes is the shadowy humps of what appears to be several corpses scattered about not far from the stairs. The corpse closest to them appears to be a body nearly cut perfectly in two down the middle. Two glowing circles of glowing electricity pierce the darkness in the back of the room.

Krev uses mesh tape to secure two of the three corpses, to prevent Rakghoul surprises from emerging. He then notices no movement or breathing—the bodies are obviously dead and decaying. One of the corpses appears to have a shape but his outfit blends in seamlessly to the ground around him. Upon further inspection he finds It is a camo poncho- which he promptly commandeers, along with a vibro sword. On another body he finds 500cr cred stick, vibrosword, and intact shadowskin armor. Next to the bisected body he comes across a nice heavy blaster rifle he mounts on his back.

After a quick search Krev doesn't notice any other movement or entity in the room, and summons Galen. Their attention is turned to the unconscious person hanging from electro-shackles in a large cage at the rear of the dark room. Krev notices a control panel for the box. Galen recognizes the individual as Fred (Nara's Voz Crea informant). Galen observes that Fred is not well; he is sweaty, feverish, and Galen observes webbing veins bulging and spasming from his muscles. Galen quickly advises Krev to euthanize Fred as he is infected. Krev obliges and shoots the unconscious and restrained Fred with his pistol. Fred quickly comes awake yelling, “AHHH! What the hell! Chan did something to me.. Please, please don't kill me! I can help you, I have information!”

Galen asks what Chan did to him. Fred responds, “He captured me and Rooke. He was experimenting on us.” Galen continues coldly, "What was your squad doing?" Fred responds nervously, " An important mission for the Voz Crea.”

 Galen has had enough of his resistance and pushes further, "The cure is expensive. What value does your information have?" Again Fred desperately responds, “Our squad was dispatched by High Priestess Iness. Rooke was squad leader. We were supposed to recover artifacts stolen from Ralgador. Chan was reluctant to sell them, so VC sent us to obtain them by force. Chan sold them something important.”

With that information and not much more forth coming, Galen suggests Fred be sedated for treatment. Fred puts up almost no resistance, and submits to the injection. Galen estimates 20-30m before Fred awakens from his narcotic coma, and possibly awakens as a ghoul.

Galen observes equipment on a couple of tables, some medical gear, odd looking items—not quite artifacts but rare or unknown devices. Galen and Krev bring Fred to Aramis and lock down the rear half of the Ship facility on the way out. Fred will be dropped off for Aramis to deal with. Galen and Krev are on the way to Aramis.

At Aramis, which Galen and Krev are in the control area of the Shipyard, Nara notices a procession heading into the main entrance of the Voz Crea facility. The members are mostly heavily armored (12 or so). There's an armored Hutt individual in the middle of the group.

The Aramis receptionist greets Nara with “ooh, carbonite injury. This isn't standard practice. Who is this?” Nara responds, “My brother.” The admin responds, “We don't see many people frozen in carbonite without controls. Typically, people are frozen for a reason. I might have to contact my supervisor for legal advice.”

An elderly Ithorian doctor comes out and begins asking more questions. He notices that the carbonite process wasn't applied in typical fashion. Nara offers cash and insists on rapid response- noting he was infected by the recent spreading infection. The doctor asks, “Has he turned?”  Nara responds, “Yes, he needs to be strapped down.” The doctor oddly inquires, “Would you be willing to trade him for the cost of the procedure?” Nara seems hesitant, “What guarantee that he can be saved?” He quickly count on his fingers, “5.6% or 5.7% chance to recover your brother. The cost is 4500 credits. Carbonite can be removed in a few hours, but there's no telling how the plague will react to treatment.” Nara offers to wait one weak and wants his personal effects. Nara agrees to pay up front, so that she gets Rooke's body back- cured or not. Assistants come in to retrieve Rooke's body.

Galen informs the party that a Voz Crea is coming. Galen and Krev arrive at Aramis. As they walk across the station, Galen hears a Voz Crea guard close to their nearby temple mutter as that he recognizes Fred (the restrained body they are carrying).

Nara sends Crystalina to find a thermal detonator. Crys finds that the shop keeper is out of detonators and he could put Crys at #27 on the list. Crys patches comm from Nara to the shop keeper. Nara uses persuasion and black market contacts to learn that another individual has thermal detonators. Nara negotiates payment of 1000cr to learn the whereabouts of the holder of thermal detonators—an individual at the Big Boon casino. Jix is a Verpine arms dealer.

Krev and Galen drop Fred off with Aramis. The receptionist appears alarmed and Krev points out that Aramis has a cure. The doctor says he is not sure if the cure will reverse a turned individual, but they can try. Nara asks, "Can the plague be reversed?" The doctor pauses for a moment before responding, "Possible, but it will take some time, and we may have to bring in some specialists in epidemiology, and virology." He says to give them a week and charges a hefty sum to attempt it.

Over their headsets they hear a voice, “Is this the group? Nara? Galen?” Nara informs Zix that the group dealt with the higher-priority plague. She informs him, "We took care of the Union lead and are working with the 2nd in command and also eliminated the plague problem." [Zix owes 3000cr per party member for elimination of Union leader and restoration of maintenance functions] [Crix would owe each member another 9500 for joining and taking over the station] Zix gives the group 24 more hours to complete the task of restoring maintenance unions function of repairing the space station before he brands them as criminals.

    Nara decides to use her advanced diplomatic prowess and asks if Zix is aware that a Hutt crimelord is on station. Zix deflects and admits to making concessions for survival as a neutral entity in the galaxy. Zix tells Nara that the Hutt arrived a few hours prior and won't reveal the name. He's a mid-level emissary from the Hutt empire and “here” at the station.

Nara arrives at Armis medical center to see the VC trying to take her brother Rooke. After extended negotiations with the Voz Crea squad, Nara gains access to the VC complex and has a conversation with the VC high priestess. Nara is unable to liberate Rooke's body, but is able to negotiate an improvement in terms with the Voz Crea. The VC are now Unfriendly toward our group. Nara got 6000cr in exchange for “information” which hints that Zix wants to wipe out the VC.

Galen goes shopping and purchases a FEG-series Pilot Droid and a new Pit droid with Mech visor and tool kit.The party heads back to the control area of the Shipyard. Krev accesses the computer, which is friendly, and finds Chan's secret files. Krev uses a spike to crack the encryption. Chan was leader of the Encrad7, with Tito Timmons and 4 others. They robbed Ralgador after paying Mentakka for info about the expedition was a main job. He also finds a transcript of a conversation between Chan Areth and High Priestess Iness negotiating for artifacts and the datapad. The datapad was sold to the VC for 50,000 credits, but Chan would not part with the artifacts no matter the offer.

More recent notes show erratic writing in journal entries from Chan. The notes focus on the cube (which Galen has) and power and conquering the galaxy. Chan apparently figured out how to weaponize the plague. The huge brute the group encountered was apparently the first successful experiment in his efforts. Fred or Rooke appear to be the likely next victims. The notes talk about modifying the bacteria. Krev keeps these findings to himself, and encrypts the data on the ship repair facility holonet.

Galen finds a physical secret stash of Chan's stuff while looking over the lab: base components and items of low value, a metal container full of vials, one has glowing green substance. Krev's findings using his knowledge of life sciences point to it being a Sith poison and it was one of the Ralgador artifacts, some type of lightsaber and a crystal (alumin crystal +1 attack), rudimentary animal harness (4-5kg). Galen doesn't recognize an animal that it would fit. Decorative tube. Galen keeps the Sith poison and decorative tube artifact.

Galen gives Crystalina the lightsaber, the 'blade' of which comes out and looks like a whip, and the crystal. Nara and Crys track down the thermal detonator dealer and acquires 1 thermals detonator and 1 carbonite grenades. Nara tried to get Crix to come to the Shipyard. She tries to negotiate for help, but he's still resistant. Galen swaps lightsaber crystals for Crys, who learns the identity of the newly found crystal. Galen then hands over Chan's lightsaber. The crystal inside is plain and red.

After negotiations, Crixtosh agrees to  [Nara and Galen are owed 5750cr now for helping Union acquire station]    [Crys and Krev are owed 2550cr now for helping Union acquire station] The group reports back to Zix, and he gives us each 3000cr for completion of the task and gives us 4 days to leave the station. Galen's new droids Daedalus (pilot) and Pop (pit droid) get started moving Chan's laboratory setup and holding cell into Storage Room A of the ship. Krev makes his way to the Hub 1 ship docking area to sabotage a ship. 

A Gamorrean guard of the ship randomly sees Krev emerge from a maintenance grate. Krev deceives him by telling him he's checking security for the Hutts, and so much information it makes the Gamorrean's head hurt so he turns away-scracthing his butt enthusiastically. He makes his way to the rear of the Hutt ship, before noticing a technician working on the engine and moves toward the front. There he fails to convince the guards to let him in. Galen preps a diversion for Krev. Galen drops a crane on a Hutt escort fighter- the action kills a nearby technician. The crane is disabled after being shot at by the Gamorrean guards.

Galen cuts the lights, and Krev is able to sneak past the door guards and onto the Hutt ship. Krev wreaks havoc on the Hutt ship as quickly as possible.Krev sneaks off the ship and back into the maintenance tunnels. Krev tells Galen he has stalled the Hutt ship (Krev estimates 1 week).

This heroic feat, may buy the group more time to acquire the critical information on Ralgador's data pad, but the outcome is uncertain at minimum. With feuding politics on the space station unresolved, and muddled alliances all around- how will the group choose to move forward?

This is where we leave off…


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