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Episode 10 Base Defense 1.0

   The majority of the group started off tending to their ships maintenance and working around their new ship repair facility base- all except scoundrel Krev. Droid Galen curious about Krev's recent activities in the main docking bay for the space station- mentions it to Jedi Crystalina before confronting Krev. Krev is forthright and quickly lets the group know he was sabatoging Most of the group started off in their newly acquired ship repair facility, making repairs to and modifying their ships. Soon Krev returned from his not so shadowy sabotage activities in Hub1 Docking Bay. Galen having assisted Krev without knowledge of what was actually going on mentions it to Crystalina, before confronting Krev. Rather quickly he explains he sabatoged the Hutt ship as his own endeavor- not directed by Diplomat Ralgador. He then calls a group meeting to hash out some dynamics of their burgeoning relationship.

   Once assembled he admits to doing extra scouting and coming upon the Hutt ship; based on information obtained from Chan Areth's computer in the ship repair facility. Krev needed to sabotage the Hutt ship to prevent them from escaping with the likely acquired data pad. Krev asks for honestly from the group, while acknowledging to being hired help- he wants to know where they stand with regard to wiping out Hutts. Nara is a member of the Coalition and Crystalina's family was wiped by Hutts. Galen wants to stick with Crys and Nara but doesn't oppose direct force.

    Krev tells us he sabotaged the ship because the Voz Crea have the datapad and a Hutt likely has come for the sole purpose of retrieving the data pad. Nara asks if there's a way to find out if there are any ships that could be a Hutt fleet around the station. Galen accesses the ship repair facilities computer and scans the surrounding area- heis confident, despite the debris field, that there are no parked ships awaiting. Nothing looks combat related.

   Galen attempts to access the space station security holonet for information possibly relating to Krev's Hub 1 encounter. He is unsuccessful, and the security system goes hostile and attempts to begin a trace. About that time the group hears a door buzzer signaling failed access to one of the facilities doors. The camera to the admin area shows a disheveled Voz Crea informant Fred. He's fumbling with the door. They hail Fred over the intercomm, and he says he needs medical attention. Fred looks better than the last time Galen saw him, but Fred is visibly in poor shape.

    Galen informs the group that Fred is present. Galen goes down to the admin entrance and inspects Fred after he disrobes; noted significant skeletal and muscular disfigurement. Galen and Daedalus bring Fred to the medical bay holding cell.  Galen gives Fred a once over medical examination- he is about 1/10th of HP. He needs surgery to restore posture and mobility, but Galen doesn't have a surgical kit.

  Fred says he overpowered people at Aramis. Nara and Krev sense Fred is being less than honest and press him for the truth. Galen plays a recording of Fred's recital of the VC oath from when the group had previously captured him- without further words. Fred claims he wants to change his ways and wants to leave the VC behind. Nara asks bluntly how many VC there are left. Fred says he went to the main area of Voz Crea headquarters, and where commander Vikken was talking to Priestess Iness. They appeared to be planning an assault. Fred guesses maybe 20 VC left.

    Wanting to resupply and prepare for any upcoming combat Nara and Galen head to the market district of Hub 4. Crystalina and Krev prepare the Shipyard. Krev uses his technical prowess to upgrade the turrets damage ability, while Crystalina prepares boobytraps. Fred is placed in binders and allowed to pass out somewhat comfortably in the groups newly aquired lare prisoner cage. Daedalus is left operating the security cameras (in case anybody followed Fred) while Galen and Nara slip out of the “left” maintenance tunnels. On our way out, Krev tells the group that Mentakka originally sold out the info concerning the data pad.

As G&N come up into the Commons' main transit area, Nara notices a Hutt and a partial entourage heading towards Hub 4. Galen and Nara make their way to Mentakka's casino in the commons. Galen had previously hired Mentakka to obtain and surgical kit and any medical serums available- 2500cr is still owed.

Krev contacts Ralgador via secure comms, and Ralgador stresses how vital it is for the coalition that the data pad be recovered and returned to Ralgador/coalition. Krev reveals that there is a Hutt is on the station. He's likely going to bid on the data pad containing the star map and new space lane. Ralgador asks about who stole the items. Krev says that Chan Areth led the Encrad 7 group along with Titto Timmons and likely stole the items. The Voz Crea now likely have the data pad.

    Krev cannot convince Ralgador to provide the group with his bodyguards. Nara goes to aid the persuasion, at which point she learns that Ralgador's been demoted and Nara is up for promotion to the leadership of the regional Coalition (against the Hutts). Nara suggests that Ralgador helping our party could weigh positively on the outcome of the inquiry into Ralgador's loss of the Dardalez info, at which point Ralgador very reluctantly agrees to provide the party a single battle droid.

Galen and Nara head into Mentakka's office. Galen recognizes a heavily armed group leave Mentakas just as they are arrivng, and recognized their squad leader's armor from the group from the Hub1 incursion. This leader of the Hutt guard (w/ carbine at hip) and two others (w/ blaster rifles) walk right on by. The Duros guards at Mentakka's office make us wait a moment. Mentakka is aware of what Galen came for.

   Once inside Mentakka informs them that she completed her mission for Galen and found a surgical kit. Mentakka said she made it into a highly secure area and was able to stash something important-looking that she found. Mentakka admits that she's hidden the samples on her person and blushes. Mentakka had smuggled the items from Aramis well. Galen inspects the vials and recognizes two vials as transquilizer (3 dose each), 1 vial contains a biological sample, and 1 vial is an unknown substance. Galen asks for more info about the unknown substance. Mentakka says she doesn't know. Galen accepts this and delivers final payment (2500cr).

    Nara asks if Mentakka knows about the Hutt. The Twi'Lek denies knowledge. Galen perceives her pulse quicken, but Mentakka declines further comment. Nara turns to Galen and says “I was going to pay her for information.” Mentakka doesn't seem interested in the least.

Nara leads Galen tot he market district where she negotiates for combat droids. Nara buys a trio of B1 battle droids. A pair was sent to the Shipyard immediately. One B1 remained with Nara and Galen. Daedalus detects a droid in the admin area and informs Crys and Krev that Fred had been released. Daedalus does not recognize the droid in the admin area, but it looks menacing. Combat!

    Crystalina activates her lightsaber in the compactor room upon hearing about a droid tinkering with Fred's cage (on the ship's med bay). She opens the door into admin. area, but does not enter. Krev commands Daedalus to shut down the intruder's access to the admin computer. Krev makes his way to the colossal freighter while unholstering his heavy blaster.

    Krev seas a floating droid emerge from the ship. Krev perceives someone moving around in the ship, and it sounds like the individual is eqiupping. The droid fires at Krev for 16HP damage. Crystalina screams at Daedalus to cut power to the admin room. Daedalus complies, cutting power to the compactor and admin rooms. A strange looking individual emerges from the ship wild eyed and blaster weilding- he appears to be a Claudite (shape shifter). He shoots Krev for 10HP damage. Crystalina hears the admin droid floating away and proceeds to the hazmat room.

  Krev catches a 2nd wind for recovery of 10HP and retreats toward the Hazmat room to meet up with Crystalina. Floating attack droid explodes Pop's poor little circuits all over the hangar bay. Crystalina commands Daedalus to seal the Hangar and vent the atmosphere. Daedalus, the R2, Pop's remains, the floating attack droid, and the changeling all get sucked into space.

    Crystalina joins Krev and gives him the breather mask before heading back. Crystalina takes 3HP corrosive damage due to the lack of breather mask protecting her face/sinuses. Krev closes the bay doors, which deal the ship 30HP damage as they shove the ship back into the hold. 1 day added to repair time.

   Galen heals Krev using a medpack for 28HP and performs surgery on Crystalina's nose for 5HP recovered. Galen asks what happened. Crystalina says all the droids are dead, and Krev says that Fred wasn't really Fred. The party inspects the ship. They find a small floating transport box, which likely had gear for the shapeshifter. The floating attack droid cut holes through maintenance vents and then cut through the holding cage. Nothing in the medical bay was disturbed.

  The admin droid cut a hole in the admin door. The party assesses objectives: They have 2.5 days before the Union is ready for their attack on Commander Zix Wheens. They need a total of 3.5 days to completely restore the ship to full operating status. Total repair cost are estimated to be 19,000cr. The wealthy noble Nara chooses to cover the costs.

  On the way to Hub 4, Crystalina, Galen, and a B1 droid (Henry) pass the Big Boon casino. Galen recognizes the same lead security guy leaving with 5 other armed Hutt security types, marching with intent towards Hub 3. The guards are wearing fully contained armor, and heavily armed.   Galen, Nara, and Henry follow the party of soldiers stealthily and succeed.

At the entrance to Hub 3, Krev notices a soldier pulling out det cord. Combat!

    Galen gets info from Krev that the hallway is being watched—guard's are covering their rear—and readies his pistol.  Nara enters the ship and sits at the controls of a concussion missile launcher. Krev readies the compactor room crane. Soldiers blow the admin door and advance into admin. The rear guard turns his back, and Crystalina holds Galen from taking any action. Everybody continues holding.

    Soldiers enter the room and Krev uses the crain to grab one of the assailants and tosses  him into the compactor. Nara waits.  Krev activates the compactor and heads up to the ship. Galen waits.

    Compactor soldier tries to escape but in crushed to death. Party mostly holds to let the soldiers further in to spring an ambush. The soldiers advance into the hazmat area of the shipyard and open the door to the turret hallway. The droids open up on the soldiers in the doorway. The lead soldier takes 8HP damage. The hallway turrets deal a full hit (16HP) and a half-hit (9HP) in full auto mode. The commander drops to the floor dead- but drops an armed thermal detonator.

   Both the B1 droids and two more soldiers die in the resulting blast. Galen readies his pistol to take a shot if a soldier appears. Krev jumps on the control console and sends the B2 droid into HazMat. When the soldiers arrive at the admin door, Galen pops off a shot, but misses. Crystalina force-pushes the soldiers away from the door- dealing  23 HP damage to the soldiers.

  Nara egresses and heads towards the hangar blast door. Krev is on the console. He looks up info on the chemicals and learns that he chemicals in HazMat (newly spilled) are only respiration hazards. Galen tries to shoot a soldier but misses badly again. Crystalina approaches the standing soldier for a battle strike. Crystalina swings her light saber with great confidence and force decapitating the solder in one swift motion. The group loots the bodies for any valuables and asses the situation.

They have had 2 attacks on their new base in a very short period of time. Their ship is badly damaged, droids are dead/gone, and they still have not retrieved the datapad. The path forward seems unclear- how will they deal with the Hutt, the Voz Crea, and Zix Wheems, all while repairing their ship..?

This is where we leave off..


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