Star Wars Saga Campaign

Episode 12 Headin for a Showdown

The group starts off on the gaming floor of the Big Boone Casino after their recent enounter with Jotti the Hutt; which they made out mostly unscathed, quite a bit richer, and clearly not dead (as the Hutt had expected from her ordered assault on their base). As they head back to their base they note the space station security has been relaxed significantly since the recent Rakghoul outbreak a few days prior. 

When they return they note their ship looks functional and structurally ready to fly, though detail and systems repairs remain to bring it fully operational. Galen goes to work on the computer to access hangar cameras to acess the repairs and situation on the recently sabatoged Hutt ship, per request by Nara. On the hangar cameras, Galen observes that the ship is still in the same location. Zoomed in, he sees 2 security guards outside the ship's entrance. There are two open crates beside the ship being accessed by what they assume is repair parts. After 5-10minutes of watching, Galen observes someone leave the ship, dig through a crate, then go back to the ship. This individual had storm trooper armor on.No droids are visible.

Nara requests intel on Hutt entourage acquisition of parts via security in marketplace. Galen looks to the Hub 4 camera system for storm trooper armor. No personnel wearing storm trooper armor are observed in the marketplace. Nara requests intel on Jotti's spice supply, Galen doesn't know where to look. Crystalina asks that the computer be tasked with calculating total numbers of personnel wearing Voz Crea or storm trooper armor. Also keep tabs on location of any Hutts. Galen sumises correctly that, that would take a significant amount of time and effort- and delays it for later.

Galen wants to track down Pup on security cameras, who headed toward the core. Galen uses his internal clocks to figure out what footage to watch to track Pup's movement. Pup was headed toward main elevators for core. As he past the commons, he picks up a tail—a pair of hooded figures with green skin and bulging black eyes, indicating Rodian's. Galen isn't able to track Pup beyond the elevators. Crystalina meditates to gain insight about Pup's whereabouts. Nara aids- “Far seeing”.

Crystalina gains mental an image of Pup's surroundings. She sees a Rodian sitting at a computer with his back to the viewpoint. The surroundings look like an low end apartment. Another droid is working on Pup, who is probably being reprogrammed. The apartment looks dingy, so likely a lower income part of the station (The Commons). The Rodian is wearing a leather flight vest. Crys notices both ears pierced. Crystalina relays a description of this vision to Galen.

Galen looks into security cameras for Commons living areas—seeking a Rodian matching Crys's description and any containers large enough to carry a pit droid, all observed within past 1 hour. Galen observes, on the archived footage, where the Rodians went. Galen now knows the location of Pup. Galen implores the group for help recovering a friend.

The party arrives in the common areas uneventfully. They make their way up a stairwell. By the door atop the stairwell, a Rodian man appears to stand guard. Galen makes a determined grab for the door. The guard reaches to stop the door from opening, when Nara uses force grip to freeze the guard in place. The guard shouts “Private area. What are you doing?” Marching order: Galen, Krev, Crystalina, and Nara (holding guard in force grip).

Krev and Galen take a quick moment to inspect for traps on the doorway before opening it. Krev notices the guard is wearing a comlink on his ear. He hears music from down the hallway. The door is a plain, shabby mechanical door. There are no devices on it, and no cameras in the stairwell. Galen grabs the comlink off his ear and crushes it. He then uses a pressure point to render the Rodian consciousness.

Galen enters the hallway. It's a dank common hallway. There's a trashcan at each end and junk/scrap along the hall. The party hears loud, obnoxious music from farther down the hallway than Galen intends to go. Galen and Crystalina make way to the room. The room across the hall contains a domestic dispute which is quite possibly violent. Crystalina is in a slave outfit—sexy slave girl costume. Galen knocks on the door. Over the music, Galen hears “did anybody come in? Is anybody on watch? Answer the radio!” The door has a hotel scanner with electrical lock. Heavy metal door.

Galen asks if the guard has a keycard. Nara finds that he does. Nara and Crys see the peephole light change. Nara brings over the keycard. Galen uses the card to open unlock the door. The lock releases. A Rodian swings the door open and asks “What the hell are you doing trying to get into my apartment?” Galen spouts spouts medical code gibberish and mentions Rakghoul vaccinations while maneuvering to inject the Rodian with tranquilizer. Tranquilizer needle penetrates and moves the Rodian down 3 on condition track. Galen pushes past the Rodian. “Take care of that one” Galen radios to Crys as Galen approaches the second Rodian. (Galen meant for Crys to grip the drugged Rodian.)

Crystalina force grips the Rodian deeper in the apartment. Krev checks and ensures the hallway is still clear and safe. The maintenance droid says, “Get away from my master” in binary. The maintenance droid misses with a fist at Galen. The drugged Rodian runs down the hallway opposite Krev and Nara. The 2nd Rodian is in force grip and does nothing. Galen perceives that Pup is on. Pup is no longer Pup, so Galen deactivates Pup.

Crystalina tells the droid to deactivate or his master dies. The droid doesn't deactivate but flees and encounters. Crys tells Galen to deactivate the little droid. Krev sees the stumbling Rodian in the hallway and fires with blaster set to stun. The rodian takes 5 damage from the stun shot and moves down 2 on condition, rendering the Rodian unconscious.

In the apartment of the droid thieves. Nara and Crys drag the guard and the hallway Rodian into the room. Galen moves toward the Worker Droid and deactivates him after a short period of time. Krev works on a wall locker. There are no traps, and it is not locked. Loot: 1 security kit, 1 data pad, 2 power packs

Nara asks the gripped Rodian about sources of spice. There are sources for spice all over the station. When Nara presses, the Rodian tells Nara that Eru is a Bothan smuggler/low-life who works out of the cantina and controls a significant portion of the spice trade on the station. Crystalina offers 300cr for introduction to Eru by the Rodian. He quickly agrees, but notes that he is not well aquanted, or known by the dealer.

Galen asks about medical supplies and tech supplies. The Rodian apologizes for the droid. He expresses that Pup was an easy mark. Galen asks about career. He responds, “A little of this and that.” Galen says he'll take back Pup and also take the maintenance droid as a penalty. “What are these [unconscious] Rodians to you?” Rodian says they are his business partners and work together. Galen: “What is your level of competence with technology?” Rodian admits the maintenance droid does all the work.

The Rodian offers to provide tech services. Galen holds up a needle and asks if he'd put his life on the claim of services. He caves easily to the threat. Nara: "How long have you been here?" The Rodian responds, "7 months, familiar with areas aside from the Core."  Nara: "Familiar with other low-lifes?"  Rodian: " I have some contacts. Hard to survive with out some." Nara: "Offers work as an informant of sorts for the group". The Rodian agrees, but asks: "Don't use the term 'informant' or we'll catch a bad rep. What info do you want? Nara: "Keep tabs on the Hutt." Rodian responds: "I'll look and listen. You got a deathwish?"  Nara: "Gather intel on the core. Nara gives access to the special informat comm channel." Rodians are: Dip, Dak, and Dirk. Dip is the concious Rodian.

Galen leaves 100 credits on the table for Dip to care for Dak and Dirk. Crys levitates the deactivated droids (Pup and the worker) on the way back to Hub 3. The party passes the VC compound and don 't observe any out-of-ordinary goings on. Standard 2-man guard on VC entrance. No storm trooper outfits running around, either. Some screens show security footage of the Hutt force attack on Krev, and the feed claims that the Hutt group was under attack.

Back at Hub 3 Galen reprograms Pup to stock software and sends him back to work on the Vittus Or. Worker droid has: Acrobatics, mechanics, perception. Galen reprograms this worker droid with Use Computer instead of Acrobatics. Worker droid (PK Worker Droid) is now “El Jefe.” El Jefe is tasked with mechanically assembling the Tie Fighter pieces. The group starts making plans. Nara and Crys plan to meet Eru, obtain spice, modify the spice, and contact Jotti again.

Nara uses disguise kit to look like a Dothmorian Zabrak. Crys puts the Duramesh suit back on and also uses makeup to look like a D.Zabrak. Krev will stay at Hub 3 and upgrade Meat (the B2). If there's time, can upgrade Henry (B1 droid) and Galen. Galen will surf the holonet and search for a source for new auto-turrets and other useful technology. Galen also sets up the computer with the task of calculating total numbers of personnel wearing Voz Crea or storm trooper armor. Also keep tabs on location of any Hutts.

Meeting with Eru: Crys and Nara head to the cantina. They don't notice any VC or Hutt groupies on the way. Cantina has a moderate crowd. Dip is already there and points out Eru. Crys and Nara observe a likely drug transaction as they take a look at Eru. Dip first speaks to Eru, mentioning mutual acquaintances, and introduces the ladies. Eru looks up and down Dip and grunts, “Get out of here low-life.” Dip catches the women's eyes and sends a look as if to say “Was that good enough?” Nara and Crys nod approval. Crys and Nara notice 2 Trandoshans bodyguards about 10ft away.

Eru: "What can I do for you ladies?" Nara: "I understand you can provide the highest grade spice." Eru: "Indeed. How much do you need? You don't look like users." Nara: It's for a friend. Crys: "Probably a pound." Eru: "3000 credits. I could have that amount in about an hour." Nara hangs out in the cantina, listening for information. Most chatter is about 'the terrorists' and about the blaster fire at the casino.. about why Zix hasn't done anything, etc.

Crys dances by the juke box. Eru comes back and waves over the ladies, “I got what you ordered. You have the creds?” Nara gives the credits and Eru hands over a discrete cardboard-box looking package. Eru calmly asks if there's any other items he can obtain for them. No bacta-shots or thermal detonators. Medical equipment? Nara asks for poisons. E: Venom extract from rare spider, concentrated and synthesized into highly potent poison—Knobby Spider extract. 3-dose vial for 5000 credits. Nara picks up the vial for Nara. Nara asks about a microlab, knowing that Galen had his eye set on one. She gets it for 1800 credits. Nara picks up a heavy, repeating blaster for 4000 credits.

(Upon her return, Nara is reimbursed by Galen for the vial and lab). As they are leaving, Crys and Nara notice 3 Hutt guards entering the cantina. The guards don't recognize the ladies. Nara notices hand gestures from Eru, as Eru talks to the guards. Eru appears to be giving disappointing news to the guards. The ladies watch the guards leave and head to the elevators for the Commons.

Nara and Crys head back to Hub 3. As Nara passes the VC compound, she notices a guard on his comlink and nods to the other guard. The called guard goes inside. Galen reprograms himself to have Training in Knowledge (Physical Sciences) instead of Gather Info. Galen analyzes the unknown medical vial from Mentakka from Aramis. It is hybrid synthetic biological cells. The fluid can act like cells for droids or other non-living creatures. Galen analyses the biological sample that Mentakka found. Rakghoul blood sample considered highly valuable by Aramis. Galen analyzses the concentrated knobby spider venom turned poison. It has +10 against FORT after melee success, does 5d10 damage, and takes opponent down 3 steps of condition. Galen analyzes the Sith poison. +8 against FORT after melee success. Stops force sensitivity for 2d4 rounds.

Nara asks Galen how much poison of knobby spider venom it would take to hurt the Hutt and can it be powdered for inclusion with the spice. Galen uses life sciences to determine that all 3 doses ingested at once, would do 8d10-5 damage. Galen spends an hour dehydrating and concentrating the poison into powder form. It ends up with a white tint and is crystalline. It also negligibly impacts the weight of the spice.

Unexpected Guest:

The party hears “Um.. hello?” over the Hub 3 PA. The guest speaks again, “This is Kapor Degawa, representative of the Hutt cartel.” He is Neimoidian, and has 2 guards with him. Kapor asks to speak to the leader of the group on behalf of the Hutt cartel. Nara speaks with this representative. He is asking to open negotiations for the Holocron.

Nara will permit the rep to enter but will leave the guards behind. Kapor agrees, at this point, to negotiate over the intercomm. Kapor offers the party's lives and 250k credits in exchange for the holocron. Nara counters: Datapad from the Voz Crea and the terrorists let the Hutt party leave alive. The party consults its technologically savvy pit droids who inform that the station is not equipped with transmitters of the right type and power to have broadcast the datapad contents to off the station.

Crys knows that nothing we have in our possession could falsify the holocron's force signature. Nara offers to exchange the holocron cube for the datapad only if in person and in a neutral area. Nara calls Crixtosh (maintenance union leader) to ask for a Union space to make the exchange of items with the Hutt. Crix will permit use of the maintenance core hub. Kapor relays that Jotti has agreed to the deal and to meet in one hour.

Deal Prep:

Krev is sent to weld the Hub 1 and Hub 2 doors shut at the maintenance hub. Galen keeps the poisoned spice in the safe for later separation and reconstitution of the poison. Galen (possessing the Holocron) and Nara will be the primary operators. Krev and Crystalina will support. Krev must verify the data pad authenticity and whether it's been accessed.

Deal Time:

Kapor enters and announces that he is present to negotiate the semantics of the deal. Nara offers that she gets the datapad for verification and then Galen hands over the Holocron. Kapor types into the datapad and displays an image of a galaxy map and shipping lane. Since he just displayed the map, it's been accessed and seen. Jotti laughs and suggests that the map is valueless to the Hutts, who will conquer the galaxy any ways. Based on some coordinates that he saw, Krev believes the map is real.

Jotti asks to see the Holocron. Galen opens his internal compartment and briefly holds up the Holocron. Crys force-holds the cube while Jotti's aid hands the pad to the Neimoidian. Kapor declares to hand over the items in a fair manner in accordance with his duties etc etc. The Neimoidian takes the items and delivers each to the respective parties. The women in blue delivers the holocron to Jotti, who immediately activates it. Tentacles come out and go everywhere. Jotti appears alarmed. A large creature emerges silently from the holocron and cloaked in shadowy mist. This creature appears slightly transparent.


Nara uses a Destiny point to automatically score a critical hit on the creature using a thermal detonator. Most of the blast goes right through the creature without effect. The creature puts up his hand and a guard in full armor gets crumpled into a small volume. Two of Jotti's guards inflict heavy blaster fire on the creature. The creature just flinches a little as the blaster fires hits him.

Krev moves away from the group to help prevent multiple simultaneous casualties. Galen searches his database and comes up empty. Galen runs across the room to near the Holocron and maintain cover. Crys tries to force-pull the Holocron, but is rebuked by the creature, who pulls Crys to him. Nara uses force grip on the creature. With a force point spent for damage roll, Nara does 20 damage, which visibly compresses the creature. Henry, the B1 droid, uses auto-fire on the creature. The majority of fire passes right through the creature.

One guard scrambles to the welded Hub 1 door. A second leaves using the Hub 4 tunnel. The creature is still force-gripped. Krev moves in to flank the creature. Galen moves to cover by the Hub 1 door and close to Jotti. Crystalina force grips the creature, too, doing (with force point) 7d6 damage → 27pts. Meat moves closer to the creature. Nara loses her force grip, but Crystalina's still holds the creature. Henry falls over.

The creatures breaks the force-grip and surges toward Nara. The hub 1 door guard screams like a little girl while blasting the Hub 1 door. Kapor goes fetal. A vining material encapsulates Jotti. Krev moves close to Jotti with intent to assassinate her. Destiny point for auto-crit (x2) on top of the (x3) coup de grace. 6x (3d8) = 84 pts damage. Jotti is reduced to a pile of mush but is still twitching. Galen retrieves the Holocron, which is free of tendrils and shows an open, clean interior. It is an empty box.

Crystalina attempts a force surge and falls to the ground. Meat shoots Jotti, who dies. The tendrils are reaching out for something, but don't appear to be reaching for Galen. Nara uses a lightsaber on the creature, who takes damage. The creature appears to be vulnerable to light saber damage. Henry shoots at the creature with full auto again. The creature raises both hands and lightning comes out at Nara. Nara uses a Destiny point to negate 37pt damage. Krev shoots the creature.

Galen shoots the tendrils. Chunks blow off the central mass as the tendrils take full damage. The tendrils appear to be biological. The separated tendrils appear to whither and die. Crystalina battle strikes the ethereal creature, who staggers in pain. Nara misses her attack on the creature. Henry full-auto's the creature with blaster fire. Creature raises his hands again for a lightning attack. 30Pts of damage to each of Nara, Crys, and Henry. Henry (B1 battle droid) dies.

Krev shoots the creature. The creature vanishes into smoke and then into thin air. Instantly, a glowing humanoid appears, made only of light. “You have bested me Jedis. You still have much to learn from the force, I can show you the POWER OF THE DARKSIDE! Return me to my Holocron. Keep me by your side. Together we can conquer the universe.”

Galen takes 20 to eradicate the tendrils. Galen walks to the spirit of light with the open holocron. The spirit returns to the holocron, which begins glowing again.Galen checks out the female Hutt in blue. Loot: Modded blaster pistol (2 ATK), modded vibroblade (2 dmg), utility belt, total value of loot is 5000 credits from the remaining bodies (guards).

This is where we leave off..


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